Why Life Is The Foundation Of All Issues

In Biology, we are taught that human beings are made of 46 chromosomes. 23 come from the man. 23 come from the woman. The only creature that is possible through this is a human being. There is no other creature through with specifically that many chromosomes.

You may ask the question, why look at the number of chromosomes in a creature? The reason for this, is that this number is the most constant of any number in biology. There are other numbers that we could look at such as the number of bones, or number of teeth, but these have the ability to change and are not constant in every single creature.

The following is from Chromosome Comparisons

MAMMALIA: Ornithorhynchus, 70 / Didelphys, 17-22 / Erinaceus, 48 / Sorex, 23 / Lepus, 36-46 / Peromyscus, 48, 52 / Microtus, 42, 46, 50 / Apodemus, 46, 48, 50 / Mus, 40, 44 / Ratus, 46, 62 / Cania, 50, 64, 73 / Felis, 35, 38 / Bos, 16, 20, 60 / Capra, 60 / Ovis, 33, 48, 54, 60 / Sus, 18, 38, 40 / Equus, 60, 66 / Rhesus, 42, 48 / Homo 46.

You see above the chromosomes of several different families of plants/animals, etc. For those of you not familiar with Latin, Homo is Latin for man in general (that is to say can be used for either male or female). Ratus-rat family, cania-dog family, etc.

Each one has a specific number of chromosomes. To have a change in any of these numbers along with the genetic code, that is to say DNA, would result in the destruction of these creatures.

Biology points to the objective fact that Life begins at conception. There is a unique human being that is formed at the union of the sperm cell and the egg. Nothing other than a human being can be formed with this act. A human being can not exist without this happening.

Life must exist in order for us to have dominion over another man. That is to say government can’t rule if there aren’t any people to rule, or the similar saying “what good is it if the king has no kingdom?” There is no possibility for health care reform, if you keep killing the people that are going to contribute to it. There is no possibility for a public education, if you continue to kill all your students. There is no possibility have a preferential option for the poor, if you keep killing the poorest of the poor, the most innocent of the innocent.

That is to say that Life is the foundation on which all other issues for this coming election are based. If you can’t defend those who are defenseless, or can’t speak for themselves, how (or why) in the world should I expect you to defend me?

One Response to Why Life Is The Foundation Of All Issues

  1. Tito Edwards says:

    Once ‘man’ defines the ability to end life such as abortion, eventually they will find arguments and eventually legislation to end life anytime during ones lifetime. Euthenasia comes to mind as well as criminal executions.

    Even intellectual atheists and liberals recognize this. It’s the firebombers who need to questioned on this.

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