Obama, ACORN and the US Bishops’ Conference*

Deal Hudson (InsideCatholic.com) reports that the U.S. Bishop’s Conference Gave ACORN Over $1,000,000 in 2007:

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development gave $1.1 million to ACORN in 2007. You can find this fact on the CCHD website. If you add up all the groups called ACORN or Association Of Community Organization For Reform Now, you get a total of $1,111,000 in 2007.

Now, this wouldn’t be the same ACORN repeatedly making the news for its bullying “direct action” tactics and subject of repeated investigations for voter fraud, would it?

The same ACORN currently supporting Barack Obama’s campaign and on its payroll? — :

A specific, month by month account of money paid by the Obama campaign to the ACORN front organization, Citizens Services, Inc. for those fraudulent “advance service”, taken from FEC reports and totaling $832,598.29 since Feb, 2008, can be found here.

Barack Obama has a long and colorful history of denying his embarrassing, radical leftwing associations, until he can no longer maintain the façade. At which point, he jettisons whatever or whoever has caused the embarrassment and MovesOn.

As he has done throughout his career, Obama has been rewarding those who support his ambitions. The Obama campaign, flush with cash, has been funneling money to ACORN through Citizens Services, Inc. much as he did in Chicago with the Woods Foundation and the Annenberg-Chicago Challenge. While Obama served on the Board Of Directors of the Woods Fund, for example the Chicago ACORN received grants Of $45,000 (2000), $30,000 (2001), $45,000 (2001), $30,000 (2002), And $40,000 (2002) From The Woods Fund, as reported on the Donors Forum Website, ifs.donorsforum.org.

Makes ya think twice when they pass that second collection plate …

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* US Bishops Conference is referencing the USCCB or U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

6 Responses to Obama, ACORN and the US Bishops’ Conference*

  1. Donald R. McClarey says:

    I am proud that I have never given a cent to the Campaign For Human Development. There are plenty of worthy Catholic charities to contribute to directly, without sending money to an intervening agency which might send money down an evil rat hole.

  2. There are plenty of worthy Catholic charities to contribute to directly

    The obvious choice being, for a start, the nearest St. Vincent de Paul group. As I’ve seen the growing number of families which our parish’s St. Vincent de Paul group is providing with rent/mortgage and utility money, I’ve tried to give them first priority over more national appeals. In part because, like the dishonest steward, if the recession hits close to home I want to know that I’ve done all I can to support those who were in trouble before me.

  3. Christopher says:

    Given their penchant for funding sketchy organizations in the past which promote causes in direct conflict with Church teaching on abortion, contraception and homosexuality) I’ve never donated anything to them either. (Human Life Review has done some good reporting on the CCHD in the past).

    Thanks for the recommendation, Darwin — I’ll keep that in mind.

  4. Mac McCay says:

    As a Catholic, knowing for years Acorn was leftie as heck, its Boycott time against the CCHD solicited in our parishes. I haven’t given for years. As pointed out in some comments, there are so many “kosher” Catholic organizations that need financial help — and many that help the poor — that boycotting the USCCB’s CCHD certainly leaves no guilt as far as supporting the Faith is concerned.

  5. TLewis says:

    I remember the cold war, how Moscow sent it dissidents to Siberia to die a cold and miserable death. Serving off the coast of North Vietnam also reminded me of the reason I fought against Marxism. Saul Alinski, a horrid creature who weaseled his way into the Catholic Church in Chicago with his communist organization called Campaign For Human Development. This evil man turned Chicago and this element of the Catholic church into an arm of Marxist Workers International. I have never given to this organization, because it was the Matt family newspaper The Wanderer, who told me what Alinski had accomplished. All that is now forgotten however, Acorn now a child of the Alinski movement is doing significant damage to our voting system. I seriously beg people to go to you voting booth on November 4th and get permission to watch what is going on to observe any irregularity during this presidential election.

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