Catholics Continue Trending Toward McCain

The latest poll* that came out today, the Fox News Poll, show’s that Catholics are still trending away from Senator Obama and towards Senator McCain.  The poll today show’s whiteCatholics are now evenly split, 46-46%, between Senator Obama and Senator McCain.  Previously in the Fox News Poll it showed Senator Obama with an 11 point lead among white Catholic voters over Senator McCain (emphasis mine).

The race has tightened in part because of changes in a couple of important swing voting groups. Independents back Obama by 5 percentage points today, down from a 9-point edge last week. Similarly, among white Catholics, Obama held an 11-point edge over McCain last week and today they split 46-46.


The polls are only a snapshot of a selected sample of voters.  They are rarely accurate, but we can still take away some information from this poll.  That is that Catholics are moving more into Senator McCain’s camp.  A week ago American Catholicexamined polling data from the Investors Business Daily (IDB) poll showing Senator McCain gaining an advantage over Senator Obama among all Catholics, 48-39%.  Again just examining the information then we can say that Catholics have begun to trend to Senator McCain.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that McCain has an actual lead over Senator Obama among Catholic voters.


But with this recent Fox News Poll we can say with some certaintythat Catholics are moving towards Senator McCain and away from Senator Obama.  Just as in last weeks column my opinion is that recent statements by American bishops declaring the sanctity of life as the over riding issue of this election year seems to be slowly affecting many Catholics.  Though life issues have not taken center stage in this campaign year due to the mainstream media’s horrible reporting, the message is getting out about Senator Obama’s atrocious stance on life.  Unfortunately many ‘Catholics’ are twisting Catholic teaching such as Doug Kmiec in order to make it acceptable to vote for a pro-choice politician such as Senator Obama.


Hopefully this to will change.



* Polls are not an accurate representation of the voting public.  Only one poll accurately predicted the 2004 presidential election, the Investor’s Business Daily (IDB) poll.  With that said the only other respectable poll worth examining the data may be the Galluppoll.

2 Responses to Catholics Continue Trending Toward McCain

  1. Chuck Harkins says:

    I heard an interesting theory today regarding the polls. Currently, the media actively supports Senator Obama. Many Americans don’t want to appear to be against him, so either indicate they are undecided, or perhaps that they support him. Historically, the polls have over counted democrats, both in pre vote polling and in exit polling. It will be curious to see how the actual voting goes this time. Pray for pro-life positions.

  2. Tito Edwards says:

    I heard the same theory except the caveat is that these are democrats that are still upset with Hilary not getting the nod, but tell all their liberal friends and pollsters they’re going to vote for Obama so they won’t get ostracized. But come election day they’re pulling the lever for McCain.

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