Catholic Vote: 51-38% For Senator McCain

The most accurate poll from the 2004 Election, the Investors Business Daily (IDB) Poll, has been showing a trend of Catholic voters moving away from Senator Obama and into Senator McCain’s camp.  Since I first reported this a little over a week ago I can now say that this trend is real and Catholics are now leaning to McCain as of today.

Again, this is only a snapshot and outside of the IDB and Gallup polls, I don’t put much into any other poll.  But it is interesting to note that the Catholic vote has switched over to McCain, 51-38%.  A solid majority so to speak.

Overall Senator Obama leads Senator McCain in a statistically insignificant lead of 46.7-44.6% in the IDB poll.  The election in less than 48 hours away and is tightening up real fast.  High anxiety seems to have seeped into the Democratic camp and a glimmer of hope is beginning to flicker in the Senator McCain camp.  Crank up the Rocky theme song folks, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Pray and fast my brothers and sisters in Christ.  Pray and fast.

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  1. Tito Edwards says:

    I also want to add that the Gallup poll is the most trusted of all the polls (by both Democrats and Republicans). Hence why I pointed them out in my column along with the IDB (soley because they were the most accurate poll in the 2004 election).

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