Obama Worship


A sure sign that the election is over:  a member of the press notices that the mainstream press has a crush on Obama that a teenage girl would find gag-worthy if it involved a friend of hers and a boy.

3 Responses to Obama Worship

  1. John Henry says:

    That article is hilarious, particularly given the source. I remember thinking Kurtz was one of the worst offenders a month or two ago.

  2. Gerard E. says:

    For a few days following the election, no newspapers could be found after noon in our downtown section. No doubt folks who wanted permanent records of our President-Elect’s smashing victory- much as 52 per cent can be considered one. Now back to usual sales levels. Gobsmacked MSM will continue sending love poems to their new Messiah. But much as even the child will weary of too much candy, even the most devout faithful will request something resembling journalism. Seeing it here in Philly with austere budget proposed by Mayor Nutter- swept to current office on similar Love Train (OJays, 1974, recorded here in Philly.) Now grumbles and protests over slicing of budgets for neighborhood libraries and swimming pools. Particularly in both papers, just as gobsmacked for Nutter in ’07 as Obama this month. Pick your Messiahs carefully.

  3. Obama is the annointed one: how many saw the hand clapping by the press at his first press conference after the election? So much for a neutral journalistic approach.

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