Buyer’s Remorse?


Politico reports here that liberals are concerned that Obama may steer a course as President that is too moderate for them.

Considering that the man hasn’t even been inaugurated yet, this grousing from the Left may seem premature, however if I were on the Left the endorsement last week by Henry Kissinger, a demon figure for much of the hard Left in this country, of the Obama foreign policy team would give me pause.

Part of this discontent by Obama’s ideological base is normal.  True believers often feel left out after a campaign prevails and the candidate moves on to governing.  Certainly some conservatives felt that way after Reagan won in 1980.  However, there may be something deeper at work here.  Obama won the Presidency after only four years of coming to national attention.  He will be dealing with many issues now where his record in the past is paper thin.  I think that Obama will govern from the Left, but it is possible he may surprise me in certain areas because he has such a short track on so many topics.  I think that is precisely what scares many of Obama’s liberal supporters:  what if the man is actually a moderate?  I think their fears, worse the luck, are completely misplaced,but I can understand why they have them.

3 Responses to Buyer’s Remorse?

  1. Anti-war progressives admired Obama for opposing the Iraq war, without realizing that he was merely catering to his Hyde Park constituents with that position. It took no audacity at all.

    It is possible that Obama will push cultural leftism as a way to compensate for his otherwise establishment views on foreign policy and such.

  2. Gerard E. says:

    Dem pols have this habit- Campaign Moderate, Govern Left. Many of us who did not vote for our President Elect still believe his administration will unfold in this manner- FOCA, Fairness Doctrine, cardchecks for unions, etc. Then there is this morning’s developments from Don Mac’s home state. His governor, roused from bed by Federal law enforcement officers to go downtown and do the perp walk. November 5 phone taps on Gov. Blago feature “Ive got this thing and it’s bleeping golden….I’m not giving it away for bleeping nothing…..” Bleeps added as this is a family blog. tuff about wanting paper in return for the Senate seat abandoned by Chicago’s Own Messiah. Then more stuff like offering cash for Tribune Co. to help sale of Wrigley Field….. in return for purge of Chicago Tribune editorial board- the Trib having the audacity to report shenanigans on or about him. Federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald insists our President Elect did nuthin and knew nuthin about Blago’s alleged financial antics. But again we remember the Apostle Paul’s admonition that bad company corrupts good morals. Consider Obama’s pals- Blago, Rezko, Ayers, Rev. Wright, Father Pfleger, etc. Not the best way to begin a New Era of Hope and Change.

  3. Walter says:

    These self-styled progressives forgot one thing about Obama….he’s a politician.

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