True Audacity

New Catholic Congressman

President-Elect Obama used the word audacity a lot in his rise to the presidency but how much audacity does it take to be a liberal state senator, representing a liberal district, in a liberal state? True audacity is going against the odds and against the consensus on pundits. That is exactly what Joseph Cao did in Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District. Cao is a devout Catholic Republican Vietnamese immigrant in an overwhelmingly African American and Democrat congressional district. Although his opponent is undoubtably corrupt politician facing serious indictments, he was still not given a chance at winning. Unfortunately, voters, especially it seems African American voters, often overlook these flaws in the name of some sort of racial solidarity. Nevertheless, Cao won! Let’s pray that he can help rebuild the wonderful city of New Orleans and provide true opportunity for its amazing people. Cao, like Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin, is already getting attention from Republican leadership as the future of the party.

After Katrina My HometownAlthough Cao probably hasn’t even had a chance to organize his staff, yesterday I heard Al Sharpton say that he would be working to “fix” this situation. Seems for Sharpton and his ilk working with a person who cares about the district and its people is trumped by partisan and racial politics.

4 Responses to True Audacity

  1. dymphna says:

    I suspect he’ll be a one termer (the demographics of the area)but bless him and hopefully he’ll be able to do good while he’s in congress.

  2. Gerard E. says:

    Maybe. But shows bench strength in GOP. Including Messrs Cantor and McCarthy in the Senate. My absolute fave senator, Mitch McConnell, poise to be Chief Mischief Maker in the next two years. All solid citizens. No mooshy moderates in the bunch. Hope springs eternal.

  3. Gerard E. says:

    Double whoops. Messrs Cantor and McCarthy in the House.

  4. Walter says:

    You may be correct dymphna but incumbancy goes a long way. If Cao shows the people of the 2nd he can deliver he can win reelection.

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