Special Election Now!

Ed Morrissy of Hot Air has a good post on the question of whether the law should be changed in Illinois to allow the Senate seat being vacated by Obama to be filled by a special election.

Many Democrat elected officials in Illinois were hot for a special election for the Senate seat until they realized that in the current political climate in Illinois it is not out of the question that a Republican might win.  Now they seem content to wait until Blagojevich is impeached by the House and convicted in the Senate, a process that could take up to a year.  It is intolerable that Illinois lose half its representation in the Senate during this time, solely because some Democrats are unwilling to let the people decide.  Legislation needs to be passed quickly in order to allow the people of Illinois to not only  choose a Senator, but to also give them an opportunity to register their disapproval at the polls of the corruption that has made our state a national laughing stock.  John Kass captures perfectly the chaos that is Illinois politics today in his “Twas the Night Before Fitzmas”.

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  1. Gerard E. says:

    More fun than this heart can stand. Where I hear the voice of the esteemed H.L. Mencken, Sage of Baltimore. Who loved democracy much as a drama critic enjoys a first-rate stage production. What a grand stage. What a wonderful cast of characters. Even our beloved Shakespeare would be hard-pressed to create characters on the order of the unpopular governor; the fighting prosecutor- an archetype in U.S. of A. politics; the state AG; HER father, Speaker of State House and blood enemy of the unpopular governor; of course, numerous members of House of Jackson; Hizzoner Da Mare; all manner of other hustlers, activists, and the like; with the President Elect- that’s what it said on the sign, in the background. And his Chief Of Staff Elect, who may be into it up to his eyeballs. Fire up the popcorn machine. Make sure the cola dispenser has enough syrup. Hope And Change will just have to wait. As the Broadway song noted, “Tragedy tomorrow- comedy tonight.”

  2. […] by Democrat leaders in Illinois and nationally until two factors became evident:  if a special electionwere held for the Senate seat a Republican might well win with Blagojevich the poster child for the […]

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