Politicians. Little Tin Gods on Wheels.

Since the bad joke who happens to be the governor of my state is apparently fond of quoting Kipling, the title to this post is also from Kipling who had very little use for most politicians.  A variant of the great poem “If” , much more fitting for Blagojevich, is provided by Claudia Rosett here.

Blagojevich, Chicago’s curse to the state of Illinois, might be more careful in the choice of poets he quotes.  Kipling did not think much of the Windy City.


4 Responses to Politicians. Little Tin Gods on Wheels.

  1. Rick Lugari says:

    He should have quoted Roger Water’s (Pink Floyd) If. A number of appropriate “ifs” there.

    Particularly fond of:

    If I were a rule, I would bend


    And if I go insane,
    Will you still let me join in with the game?

  2. Gerard E. says:

    Blago is now in Gift That Keeps On Giving Dept. Consider his bluster last week and harrumph I’m Hanging Tough. Now new stuff from the Chicago Trib on major fundraiser who scarfed up cash for his enemies- like Ms. Madigan the State AG and daughter of State House Speaker who hates Blago’s intestines. Then I read in my Philly Inquirer Sunday- all right, I read it on-line- that major local youth group sponsored by Congressperson Chaka Fattah under FBI scrutiny. Sorry you’re feeling kinda glum this Christmas season, Don. I’m in ho ho ho mode.

  3. “Sorry you’re feeling kinda glum this Christmas season, Don. I’m in ho ho ho mode.”

    Glad to hear that Gerard. No actually I rarely allow politics to effect my personal mood. Living in Illinois I long ago learned that most politicians are good for only comedy relief.

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