Atheist Praises Missionaries


At one of the blogs I read regularly, Neo-Neocon, the proprietress has an excellent story highlighting the praise of Mathew Parris, a British atheist and writer, for the work of missionaries in Africa and the enormous positive spiritual changes which frequently occur in their converts.  I have long thought that the good work performed by missionaries around the globe, but especially in Africa, was the major overlooked story of the last century.  If I had to pick one development of the past century that will still be having a major impact a millennium hence, I would pick the fact that Africa is becoming a Christian continent.  As much of Europe is forgetting the Faith, and too many Americans are cold and indifferent, the message of Christ is meeting with cries of joy throughout Africa.  Perhaps some day Christian missionaries from Africa will light the fire of faith again in “darkest” Europe.

2 Responses to Atheist Praises Missionaries

  1. Tito Edwards says:

    I found this same article Saturday afternoon and found it very intriguing. Mr. Parris recognizes the common denominator that movitivates Christians (and Christian society) and that is the belief of the Trinitarian God combined with the practice of Christianity. Truly an epiphany for Mr. Parris and hopefully the beginning on the road towards Christ.

  2. Kewaza says:

    The fact that people tend to forget religion the more they become more scientific, raises a lot of questions about the rationality of belief. Why is belief in God only more acceptable to the ignorant, the poor and the suffering. Is there not some ‘opium’ involved here?

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