You know!

A follow up to Tito’s post on Princess Caroline.  I have always been opposed to euthanasia, but I do think it is time to put out of its misery Princess Caroline’s bid for a bit part in the Obama revival of Camelot.

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  1. Gerard E. says:

    It has come to this. Caroline’s stumbling, fumbling interviews are now embarrassing to the chattering classes. Comes word that Mayor Bloomberg’s aide has given up on his efforts to lobby on her behalf. Seems he’s been a bit too aggressive on the matter. As though the prospective senator hasn’t been aggressive enough, breaking bread with people with whom she would not share the same oxygen two months ago. While in Colorado, Senator turned Interior Secretary appointee Ken Salazar wishes his replacement to be……brother John, a Congressperson. While in Illinois, Gov. Blago his bad self plays the race card shamelessly in appointing Roland Burris, perennial African American candidate and nice guy, to the post now vacated by the Apostle of Hope And Change. WSJ connects the dots nicely in an editorial. In New York, a Kennedy and a Cuomo are vying for a Senate seat held by a Clinton. In Colorado, a changing of the Salazars. In Delaware, Jabberin Joe Biden’s longtime aide will keep the new Veep’s seat warm until son Beau assumes power in 2010, after National Guard obligation. In Illinois, the embattled Governor causes wailing and gnashing of teeth. I wish to shove the WSJ editorial in the face of every citizen who voted for the Apostle of Hope And Change. And remind them of a verse in a Pauline editorial rarely quoted because it burns to the touch- ‘bad company corrupts good morals.’ Oh, Philly Library Update- a lib judge yesterday ruled that 11 neighborhood libraries scheduled to close for good around 5 p.m. today must open at 10 a.m. on Friday. While advocates of their opening issued a Citizen Indictment against Mayor Nutter for announcing their closing on November 6. Happy New Year to all. Hope and Change, y’all.

  2. Gerard E. says:

    That is, a verse from a Pauline epistle. Hope and Change, y’all.

  3. You know, sorry, you know, I couldn’t, you know, like, you know, sit through the, you know, whole thing…

    WCC +<

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