Adfero et Iudicium for 2-6-2009 AD

Adfero et Iudicium, it’s my attempt at Latin for “News & Analysis”.  If anyone knows the correct translation, please leave me a comment.  Some highlights around the Catholic blogosphere, or St. Blogs as some would say, so here we go…

Fidei Defensor made a rare appearance on the American Catholic, he used to blog on College Catholic & Custos Fidei

…Speaking of American Catholic we’ve added some new blogs and sites on our sidebar:

A Catholic Mom in Hawaii, Esther covers the Catholic scene in Hawaii…

Catholic Fire, Jean Heimann skewers pro-abortion proponents with inquisitive analysis…

Biblia Clerus, an excellent resource on the Bible with Latin translations and early father narratives by the Holy See…

Courage, an apostolate for those with same-sex attractions…

F.S.S.P., Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Petri or the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter…

Musica Sacra, anything and everything you wanted to know about sacred music in the liturgy…

Vatican YouTube Channel, daily video updates straight from the Vatican…

…and finally, the most current Catholic news links updated twice daily…

…Speaking of, they seem to be on the fritz… (update: after over 24 hours of being on the fritz, is back online)

…and Mark Shea’s blog seems to have router issues

…the New Liturgical Movement has a new web address

…you may be a Calvinist Individualist if you drive an SUV

…It’s been a month or so since Catholic World News, with Diogenes and Off the Record, changed to Catholic Culture.  In my humble opinion I like the old graphics, color, and layout better than what they have now.  Hopefully they are just tweaking it still and it will be updated later…

…if you wish to write a personal note of support to Papa Bene in regards to the attacks he has been receiving lately from the secular media and dissident Catholics click here

…anyone wanting to help Amy Welborn and her family in this time of mourning click here

…and finally, we here at American Catholic appreciate all the support and encouragement we have received are asking if you want to take an extra step in showing your appreciation, then please go to the blogger choice awards website and vote for The American Catholic in the Best Religion Blog category

…oh, and if you just didn’t get your fill of news today, go here for the latest in Catholic opinion, analysis, and news.

30 Responses to Adfero et Iudicium for 2-6-2009 AD

  1. Tito

    [censured by A.C.] is one of the big sins.

    [Ed.-slander and calumny will not be tolerated, this is your first and last warning]

  2. Tito Edwards says:

    Henry Karlson,

    I need an explanation to what you are referring to.

  3. Oh I see what you did, Tito. You changed the text. How ingenious.

  4. John Henry says:

    I’m not sure what the comments above refer to, but I will say it’s not uncommon for people to edit their posts within the first several hours if they think the original was uncharitable. For example, last week MM edited a post after I and Zippy commented that we didn’t think it was appropriate. After he addressed our objections, we asked him to delete the comments because they were no longer relevant to the post.

    Setting aside for the moment longer-term disagreements, does your objection still apply to the post?

  5. Matt McDonald says:


    instead of being the pot calling the kettle black by casting out accusations of sin, why don’t you propose that the person in question is not a dissident. The last I heard, “dissident” does not carry any canonical or moral connotation, and I’m not sure it even is necessarily pejorative. Now you’ve destroyed the possibility of a reasonable discussion about this particular question.

  6. John Henry:

    [censured for uncharitableness]

  7. Mark DeFrancisis says:

    Tito is s guest contributor I read.

    Do not guest posts get proofed or edited before they go up under the A-C banner?

    I would think that A-C, as a purportedly respectable blog,would not be happy with such loose dispersions of “dissidence” donning its pages?

    I know readers like Tito and Matt McDonald obviously enjoy that thing, as evidenced above. But is this what A-C wants to amount to?

    I know there are some really good posts here and there, mixed in with this unfortunate level of intellectuality. I do not yet know what to make of this enterprise…

  8. John Henry says:

    Well, I am glad he removed the link. Tito and I have had conversations previously about his descriptions of VN. Suffice it to say, I think we disagree. I understand your concerns, and I will continue to express disagreements with Tito if/when they arise.

    That said, this is his thread and he is free to monitor it as he pleases. As you are undoubtedly aware from VN, substantial latitude has to be provided to each contributor in this regard. I’ve had my share of editing disagreements on a number of blogs, including yours, but, ultimately, each contributor is responsible for their own threads and moderation.

  9. John Henry says:


    It’s a collaborative enterprise, and there is no practical distinction between ‘guest’ contributors and regular contributors, other than frequency of posting. My understanding is that Tito put the blog together, and invited all of the contributors (I came a bit later as I am a rookie blogger). It is only due to an excess of modesty that Tito lists himself as a guest contributor. I agree that there is an unevenness in the quality of our posts; at least, I certainly feel that way about my own posting. We all work at it however. Hopefully it can be of service to our readers.

  10. John Henry

    [censured for uncharitableness]

  11. Mark DeFrancisis says:


    You are correct. I too will try to improve on the consistency and quality of my comments here.

    IMHO, btw, the quality of posting in general has been rising steadily here.

    Just don’t mention Sarah Palin. 😉

  12. John Henry says:


    Tito has now allowed you to make your point repeatedly. Anyone reading this thread can judge the issue for themselves, and I think this is a fair enough resolution under the circumstances.


    I am glad to hear you can converse with most of us (14 out of 15 isn’t bad!).Please dispense with the ‘I can only pray for,’ line. You rightly object when people use it on you. Kindly extend the same courtesy you ask for to others.

  13. Adfero et Iudicium, it’s my attempt at Latin for “News & Analysis”. If anyone knows the correct translation, please leave me a comment.

    iudicium, -i which you’ve used here is a term generally refering to a legal analysis, or legal judgement. I’m not sure if it’s exactly the word you’d want, but I’d advise you to keep the title because you have a visual pun of sorts with ludicrum, a joke, gag or skit. Given the nature of the world, much news is also a joke, so I kind of like it so long as you stick with the sans-serif font.

    Adfero is more problematic, however, because it’s a first person singular verb, but you’re using it as if it were a noun. “I bring news” rather than “news”.

    Of course, it’s easier to criticize than to create. I’d have to sit down with my trusty Latin dictionary to come up with a good “news and analysis” title in Latin.

  14. Tito Edwards says:

    Taking a little time off from blogging today I see now what Henry K. was referring to in his original post. John Henry hit the nail on the head explaining correctly that some of us here at A.C. do some editing after the initial posting.

    What originally was an attempt at humor was taken out of context.

    Henry K. I’ve always defended you in the past because you seemed the most sincere of the center-left group over at VN, I hope this remains true still. MM, you are who you are.

    Prudence seems to be lacking in the comments. Justice is no where to be found by the comments made towards my character. Fortitude is in short supply. Temperance we can all really use.

    Seeing that we are well versed in our faith we’ve failed our Lord in practicing these cardinal virtues towards each other. How are we to evangelize and bring others into the fold if we continue on this path of the self-destruction of our souls? Who wants to be a Catholic when the allegedly most well-informed and instructed on the faith,

    [if we know our faith, we know we should be charitable towards each other; not throwing baseless accusations]

    you two and I, come out swinging at every real and perceived transgression?

    Faith, hope, and charity become weak due to the poor application of these virtues mentioned above. Our moral foundation is undermined by the actions we have exhibited day in and day out.

    We can all do better, if not for us, at least for Him.

    In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,


  15. Tito Edwards says:


    Thanks for tips.

    I was thinking of using novus for news, but wasn’t sure if I was misreading the dictionary or not.

    What essentially want the title to say is “News and analysis for “.

    So anymore suggestions will be appreciated!


  16. Tito Edwards says:

    I’ve deleted two uncharitable comments.

    To be fair to Henry K. & MM, I was poking fun at MM’s SUV posting over at VN. If Henry K. would have taken the time to be prudent and read the entire sentence instead of stopping at “dissident”, he would have understood that I was joking about the SUV posting of MM. I wasn’t trying to be vicious as Henry K (& MM) were insinuating.

    Their perception of intended malice would have been justified if the intent was there. It wasn’t.

    Enough said.

  17. Tito Edwards says:



    One more time you’re on probation… again.

  18. FD says:

    Tito, thanks for the shout out, the comments may be rare now a days but trust me I am an avid reader and I think this blog is great, keep up the good work!

  19. Tito Edwards says:

    Henry K.,

    You need to grow up. I deleted another uncharitable comment of yours.

  20. Tito – I merely asked you to defend your statement that Henry took your initial post “out of context.” Does that deserve censure? And are the rest of you American Catholics in agreement?

  21. Tito Edwards says:


    The discussion is over.

    I thank you for your concern.

  22. So you won’t defend your statement?

  23. Michael,

    Tito cast an aspersion at Vox Nova with humorous intent and removed it when he realized it was causing offense instead. Your dogged outrage over this would be a little more believable if you didn’t constantly question other people’s commitment to Catholicism, not merely humorously, but insisting that you’re merely making an observation of fact.

    My advice is: chill.

    You’ve not been injured, and indeed you’ve received rather less than you routinely dish out. Keeping it up is only going to make you look petty at this point.

  24. Darwin – I’m not “outraged.” I simply asked Tito a question.

  25. paul zummo says:

    Oh grow up already. Iafrate has made a practical living out of insulting people, and now he sheds crocodile tears.

    This is the most embarrassing thread I have ever seen. It’s like almost everyone involved is a ten-year old.

  26. Policraticus says:

    Well, I am glad he removed the link. Tito and I have had conversations previously about his descriptions of VN. Suffice it to say, I think we disagree.

    [censured for uncharitableness]

  27. Matt McDonald says:

    full moon tonight???

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