The Harvest Is Rich, The Laborers Few…

Are you pro-life?

If the answer is “yes,” there is no reason why you should not go here:

In the bold text, where it says “Search By ZIP Code” enter your zip code. If your district splits in two, you will need to enter more information. Click enter. The next page is a list of all elected officials who represent you in public office.

The top of the page in a blue-colored box, in white is written “Write Your Elected Officials.” There is an option of either “Federal” or “State.” Click on “Federal.”

The next screen is a template to compose a letter and send it to whichever elected officials you would like to choose (by checking their name). You can send as many letters as you like following this process. Either use the samples, or write your own. Remember to be charitable and concise, i.e. no lengthy letters.

The Freedom of Choice Act

This piece of legislation has not been introduced in either chamber of Congress this session; it has been introduced in the last two sessions of Congress, however. This measure, I’m sure, needs no introduction — it has been a huge issue in the Catholic blogosphere.

Sample letter to send to your Senators and Representatives against FOCA:

At this time of serious national challenges, Americans should unite to serve the good of all, born and unborn. The Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), the most radical and divisive pro-abortion measure every introduced in Congress would create a “fundamental right” to abortion that government could not limit, but would have to support. FOCA will allegedly “…protect, consistent with Roe v. Wade, a woman’s freedom to choose to bear a child or terminate a pregnancy, and for other purposes.” However, FOCA goes way beyond codifying Roe v. Wade and in fact would “…prohibit… the interference by the government with a woman’s right to choose to bear a child or terminate a pregnancy.”

FOCA would eliminate many sensible restrictions on abortion that most Americans support — for example, requiring parental notification for minors seeking to have an abortion, and banning late-term abortions, including the cruel and medically unnecessary “partial-birth” abortion procedure, as well as conscience laws for pro-life doctors and nurses. This is not a common ground measure, but frightening and unnecessary legislation that I ask you emphatically to oppose in every way.

As your constituent, I would appreciate a response on this critical matter indicating how you vote on this matter. Thank you.

The Pregnant Woman Support Act

The Pregnant Woman Support Act is the legislative version of the Democrats for Life of America’s bipartisan 95-10 initiative to reduce the abortion rate by 95% over the course of 10 years by supporting pregnant women. The pro-life measure is supported by the USCCB and seeks to extend and enhance many programs and policies in place, as well as introduce new ones. The current proposals do not include expansion or provision of contraceptives. This bill has already been introduced in both the House and the Senate.

This bill will, among other things:

*Creates a new pilot program for “Life Support Centers” to offer comprehensive and supportive services for pregnant women, mothers, and children;

*Assist pregnant and parenting teens to finish high school and prepare for college or vocational training;

*Help pregnant college students stay in school, offering them counseling as well as assistance with continuing their education, parenting support and classes, and child care assistance;

*Provide counseling and shelter to pregnant women in abusive relationships who may be fearful of continuing a pregnancy in a crisis situation;

*Establish a national toll-free number and public awareness campaign to offer women support and knowledge about options and resources available to them when they face an unplanned pregnancy;

*Give women free sonogram examinations by providing grants for the purchase of ultrasound equipment;

*Provide parents with information about genetic disability testing, including support for parents who receive a diagnosis of Down Syndrome;

*Ensure that pregnant women receive prenatal and postnatal care by eliminating pregnancy as a pre-existing condition in the individual healthcare market and also eliminating waiting periods for women with prior coverage;

*Establish nurse home visitation for pregnant and first time mothers as an eligible benefit under Medicaid and SCHIP. One example of this is the Nurse-Family Partnership, an evidence-based program and national model in which nurses mentor young first-time and primarily low-income mothers, establishing a supportive relationship with both mother and child. Studies have shown this program to be both cost effective and hugely successful in terms of life outcomes for both mothers and children;

*Increase funding for the Women, Infants and Children Program, providing nutrition assessment, counseling and education, obesity prevention, breastfeeding support, prenatal and pediatric health care referrals, immunization screening and referral, and a host of other services for mothers and children;

*Expand nutritional support for low-income parents by increasing the income eligibility level for food stamps;

*Increase funding for the Child Care and Development Block Grant, the primary source of federal funding for child care assistance for low-income parents; and

*Provide support for adoption as an alternative to abortion.

Sample Letter to send your Senators and Representatives supporting PWSA:

I urge you to co-sponsor and support the Pregnant Woman Support Act (S. 270/H.R. 605).  Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) has introduced this legislation in the Senate; Rep. Lincoln Davis (D-TN, 4th) has introduced similar legislation in the House.

This legislation would provide information and resources to pregnant women and help them embrace motherhood.  Women who have access to resources and assistance are less likely to choose abortion.  Too many women due to life circumstances believe they cannot bring a child into the world.  This legislation will provide a strong safety net to ensure that women feel that abortion is not the only option.

The Pregnant Woman Support Act seeks to direct women to places that provide support during and following pregnancy.  It will improve services for pregnant women who are victims of domestic violence, assist pregnant and parenting teens to finish high school and prepare for college or vocational training, and help pregnant college students stay in school by offering them counseling, parenting classes and child care assistance.

I, your constituent, like many Americans believe that no woman should choose abortion under financial duress or because she is threatened by domestic violence during her pregnancy.  Choosing life is choosing the future, and our children are our future.  This excellent legislation provides women with resources they need at a critical time in their lives.  I urge you to do everything you can to support this legislation which is effectively a common ground measure to reduce the number of abortions in this country by supporting pregnant mothers.

I look forward to hearing from you in regard to this critical legislation.

Reinstate the Mexico City Policy

Recently, there was an attempt in the Senate to reinstate to Mexico City Policy by adding an amendment to the bill reauthorizing SCHIP. The measure failed in a vote of 37-60. In the House of Representatives, Representatives Chris Smith (R-NJ) and James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) are introducing an amendment to strike down President Obama’s repeal of the Mexico City Policy.

Sample Letter to your U.S. Representatives only supporting the Mexico City Policy [this is happening in the House not the Senate]:

I am writing to urge you to support Representatives Chris Smith and James Sensenbrenner’s bill to restore the Mexico City Policy, which President Obama rescinded on January 23, 2009.  The majority of Americans are unhappy with President’s Obama decision to overturn the Mexico City Policy.

The American people agree that our hard-earned money should not go to fund abortions, particularly abortions in other countries. In these tough economic times, it is hard to see how the funding of abortion in other countries will help to stimulate our own economy and focus on the immediate domestic issues facing our nation.

I ask you to join Representatives Smith and Sensenbrenner in supporting the Mexico City Policy.

I would appreciate a response to my letter.

No Tax-Payer Funding of Abortion

Given the current platform, a Democratic majority in Congress lends itself toward public funding of abortion through Title X funding which goes to “health clinics” like Planned Parenthood, the repeal of the Mexico City Policy and attempts to rollback the Hyde Amendment or attempts to call abortion “health care.” Whatever the form, elected officials need to be informed that this is not only legalized murder, but a government intrusion into the personal liberty of its citizens.

Sample Letter writing to Senators and Representatives opposing Tax-payer Funded Abortions:

I am writing to urge you to oppose any legislation that provides or increases taxpayer funding of abortion. Planned Parenthood, for example, receives a substantial amount of funding through the Title X program. Any increase to these funds would leave money available for more abortions at these clinics.

It is against American ideals for the government to force its citizens to subsidize the abortion industry, particularly when it is against the moral convictions of millions of those citizens.  I strongly urge you to respect my beliefs and those of millions of pro-life Americans across the country.  We do not wish to subsidize an industry that damages women’s lives and destroys innocent human life.

Many elected officials have expressed a desire to reduce abortions.  Retaining restrictions on federal taxpayer funding is the best way to accomplish this in the short term.  Even abortion advocacy groups have admitted that restrictions like the Hyde Amendment have contributed to a national decline in abortions.

Please respect the rights of taxpayers and ensure a decline in abortions by maintaining current federal funding restrictions.

I would appreciate a response to my letter.

Don’t Fund Embryonic Stem Cell Research

On February 6, 2009, President Obama indicated to House Democrats that he would be signing an executive order allowing federal funds to be used for embryonic stem cell research — overturning President Bush’s executive order banning such funding. The Democratic majority seems poised to codify this executive order into federal law through legislative action so that future presidents cannot just reverse the measure with a simple executive order; Rep. Diane DeGette (D-CO) has introduced a bill in Congress to this effect already, i.e. expansion of and public funding of embryonic stem cell research.

Sample Letter to President Obama against Embryonic Stem Cell Research (don’t click to send this to Congress using this letter — this is written directed toward Barack Obama):

You have issued a “guarantee” that you will sign an executive order to federally fund embryonic stem cell research. In your campaign, you ensured Americans of a change in the spirit of government action in Washington. Given the Democratic majority, it seems that legislation will ensure that this executive order is codified into law; Rep. Diane DeGette (D-CO) has already introduced a bill in Congress to this effect.

Surely, there is common ground on this issue. Embryonic stem cells, in fact, have not once saved a single life. All life-saving breakthroughs that have been successful with over 70 illnesses all have been done with adult and pluripotent stem cells, not embryonic stem cells. I implore you to investigate the facts before issuing such a critical order, which will surely be a divisive action.

Millions of Americans believe in the sanctity of the life of the unborn and that no good can be justified through the destruction of unborn human life, given the scientific consensus that life begins at fertilization. Not to mention, embryonic stem cell research requires human cloning and may give rise to bio-engineering and eugenics—Huxley’s Brave New World in real life.

Please reconsider your plans on this issue and rather invest federal funds toward stem cell research using stem cells from adults and umbilical cords which have proven successful in curing life-threatening diseases and does not involve the killing of embryos, which divides, not unites America.

I would appreciate with your commitment to government transparency and openness, a response to this letter. Thank you.

Health Care Professionals’ Right to Conscientious Objection

“Pro-choice” opponents of conscience protections are pushing legislation to delay former President Bush’s orders in his last 90 days of office to protect the rights of health care professionals. The legislation if enacted would stall the process long enough for Obama’s nominee — which looks like it will be pro-choice Catholic, Kathleen Sebelius — to be Secretary of Health and Human Services can reverse the conscience regulations.

Sample letter to Representatives (current legislation is pending in the House) to support conscience clauses for pro-life doctors and nurses:

The House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law is considering a bill that would delay former President Bush’s rule to prohibit doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals from being forced to participate in abortions and other controversial medical procedures.

I, as your constituent, emphatically implore that you oppose H.R. 34 Midnight Rule Act proposed by Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and any similar legislation. If passed, such legislation will further delay the protection that should be granted to health care workers and hospitals to follow their consciences. This would seriously undermine the American ideal of liberty.

Please write back to indicate your position on this critical matter. Thank you.

After you copy and paste, or write your own letter, scroll down further. Fill in the information — name, email, and address — then click send. It’ll ask you to type some letters in a box to confirm and that’s it.

Then recommend this to as many people as possible, so that there is a heavy flow of letters to Congress.

Remember, your Congressmen may ignore you. This isn’t our most pivotal weapon — our weapon is activism and a growing public awareness. Change starts grassroots.

Fight for Life! CHARGE!

…and I say, I’m a pacifist 🙂

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