Why Does This Not Surprise Me?


During his term as President, George W. Bush had on loan from the British government a bust of  Sir Winston Churchill in the oval office.  The Brits offered to extend the loan to President Obama.  Nope, he decided to send the bust packing.  Perhaps some of our thoughtful readers might have guesses as to what bust Obama might replace it with?

20 Responses to Why Does This Not Surprise Me?

  1. bearing says:

    We had George W. Bush on loan from the British government?

    [Insert joke here]

  2. I love dangling participles.

    Maybe Merrie England has a bust of Henry VIII they could ship over?

  3. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Grammar of the original post corrected. I should never do a spur of the moment posting late at night.

  4. bearing says:

    Aw man, you should have done a strikeout. Now my acerbic wit doesn’t make any sense.

  5. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Sorry bearing!

  6. I’d like to imagine something more mockable but I’m assuming Obama went for MLK or Lincoln?

  7. Gerard E. says:

    Would have made a hat rack for Obama. Better that the Brits take it home.

  8. Largebill says:

    Lots of options:


    Lenin or Marx?


    The One himself?

  9. Jimmy Carter.

    One can hope. Get unified, GOP, and you’ll surely clean house in ’10.

  10. Matt McDonald says:

    The One himself, with a smaller version of Lincoln.

  11. Anthony Rowe says:

    It would have to be
    1. a minority.
    2. a socialist or communist.
    3. a female
    4. someon who identifies as a christian, but doesn’t really have any faith.

    Patricia Scotland fits the bill, i’m sure there are more. just don’t have time to google anymore.

  12. Mark DeFrancisis says:

    The conservation level is stellar here today.

  13. Donna V. says:

    During the campaign someone came up with a great photoshop of a “stained glass” Obama complete with halo and long robe, holding a stalk of -what else? – arugula in his saintly hand. That pic should replace the Churchill bust, as I suspect it pretty accurately reflects The One’s opinion of himself. The press are usually sticklers for the separation of church and state, but in this case, I’m sure they’d make an exception.

  14. Phillip says:

    Humor, Mark. Humor. At least in part.

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