Pope Denies Worthless Political Hack Photo-Op


Hattip to Jay Anderson at Pro Ecclesia.  The Pope reminded Speaker Pelosi in their meeting of the Church teaching on life.

“The Vatican released the pope’s remarks to Pelosi, saying Benedict spoke of the church’s teaching “on the dignity of human life from conception to natural death.” That is an expression often used by the pope when expressing opposition to abortion.”

The 15 minute meeting was closed to reporters and photographers.

“The Vatican said it was not issuing a photo of the meeting — as it usually does when the pope meets world leaders — saying the encounter was private. The statement said the pope “briefly greeted” Pelosi and did not mention any other subject they may have discussed.”

I wonder if Pelosi is bright enough to realize the snub that the Pope just gave to her pro-abort self?

Update I: Ed Morrissey at Hot Air reminds us of why the Pope felt it necessary to repeat Church teaching on abortion to Speaker Pelosi since,  judging from her own words, she is woefully ignorant of it.

Update II: The ever perceptive George Weigel wonders if the Pope and the clueless Speaker were at the same meeting.

28 Responses to Pope Denies Worthless Political Hack Photo-Op

  1. Tito Edwards says:

    The Pope rebuked her in the most polite way twice. Once verbally and the second time symbolically by denying Mrs. Pelosi the photo opportunity she’s been hoping for.

  2. Mark DeFrancisis says:


    You are only contributing to a culture of death with your vitriolic headlines.

  3. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Hey Mr. DeFrancisis don’t blame me. I only write the headlines of the news. The Pope made the news. This is precisely the message that the Pope bluntly wished to convey. As for a culture of death, Speaker Pelosi has been a patroness of that culture for as long as she has been keeping a seat warm in the House.

  4. Mike Petrik says:

    The headline was not accurate. Ms. Pelosi is many things, but not worthless. To the contrary she is worth a lot.

  5. Mark

    In the deluded world of some, this is a “harsh” action. While others point out how gentle it was. Interesting to see the two interpretations.

  6. Tito

    I guess you are denied three times — you have no photo op, you have no meeting with Benedict today, and you have no press reporting what you said. So I guess that’s the Pope’s message to you.

    See how silly your response is? Probably not 😦

  7. Tito Edwards says:


    I see what you’re attempt, but I’m interpreting what I read.

    Just as you are interpreting my posting.


  8. Donald R. McClarey says:

    “To the contrary she is worth a lot.”

    I stand corrected Mike. About $25,000,000, due to her husband.

  9. John Henry says:

    I do not have much respect for Speaker Pelosi. That said, I would probably edit or warn a commenter who referred to her (or anyone else) as a ‘worthless political hack’. I do not think such language is constructive fwiw.

  10. Donald R. McClarey says:

    We will have to agree to disagree John Henry. In regard to Speaker Pelosi, describing her as a worthless political hack I think is erring on the side of charity.

  11. bearing says:

    It does seem a bit unseemly for the pro-life to call any person worthless. Political hack, I’ll give you that. But let’s not call any human being “worthless.”

  12. Donald R. McClarey says:

    I see your point bearing, but if I were to accurately describe Speaker Pelosi’s career long advocacy of the destruction of unborn children, I would have to use a much stronger term than “worthless”.

  13. Apparently, there is a photo. Look to lifesitenews.

  14. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Checked out lifesite news. That is an old photograph from when the Pope visited the US. Here is a link to see one of the photographs taken at that time.


  15. Well, then she already had a photo-op. And look at the expression on his face? If you think photo-ops mean anything, there you go. I don’t. So what is this about a “denial of photo-op” when apparently, it’s been had already? It seems to me, there is an underlying ideology behind this post.

  16. Donald R. McClarey says:

    My “ideology” is that I detest Catholic pro-abort politicians, whether liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican. As for her meeting with the Pope when he visited this country, that was a general audience for all members of Congress, as opposed to the private audience today where the Pope repeated the Church teaching against abortion which she has flouted all her public life, and denied her a photo-op. As usual Karlson, you are attempting to compare apples and rock salt.

  17. bearing says:

    Her advocacy may be worthless, but I really do think that the pro-life should assiduously avoid applyinh such an adjective to any human person. How you’ve used the word in your headline is literally indefensible.

  18. John Henry says:

    Like bearing, I think the title of the post suggests Pelosi herself is ‘worthless,’ rather than simply that you believe her actions as a politician are harmful to the common good. And I think this type of name-calling can harm the pro-life cause.

  19. karen says:

    Hmmm. . . I saw the “worthless” as an adjective describing her political efforts. If there were a comma after worthless then I could see that adjective describing the person.

  20. Donald R. McClarey says:

    My post is directed at Pelosi as a reult of her actions as a public figure. I know nothing about her as a private individual other than the fact that her understanding, I assume through ignorance, willfull or otherwise, of the teaching of the Church on the issue of abortion appears to be gravely deficient.

  21. cminor says:

    Okay, who let the eighth-grader into the combox?


  22. Gerard E. says:

    JH- if the pro-life cause not damaged by now, name-calling won’t do it. Bravo to Dear Holy Father for privately laying down smack on our De Facto President. Of course she had to hustle back to DC to tell Apostle of Hope and Change what to do next in our post-Porkapalooza era. Meanwhile the Boss laid down the law in private. Way cool and well done Your Holiness.

    JH- she’s still a worthless political hack.

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