Pro-lifers, the Next Generation

For those in the pro-life movement who may sometimes get discouraged, take a good look at this speech.  This struggle for the unborn will be fought until it is won, if not by us, then by the pro-lifers who come after us.  Naturally the judges at the speech contest where  this speech was delivered disqualified her because of her success at articulating the pro-life message.  This decision was later reversed after one of the judges stepped down and our pro-life speaker was declared the winner.  Truth will prevail if we have the stomach to proclaim it in season and out of season.

7 Responses to Pro-lifers, the Next Generation

  1. Ian Ransom says:

    Fine articulation, coming from this young woman. We need it–as we saw during this recent presidential campaign, young pro-life conservatives need to start utilizing the same technologies and available media options to mobilize and compete with the pervasive liberal buffoonery. There’s no reason why the next generation of conservative pro-life advocates cannot be as up-to-speed and savvy.

    We are cleaner and far better looking than liberals, after all. Camera ready. (Heh!)

    Seriously–props to this compelling young lady; I loved her Horton/Seuss reference at the end.

  2. Gerard E. says:

    May the Heavenly Father abundantly bless this brilliant young person. Probably in vanguard of pro-life underground building up in Canada and throughout our Fruited Plain. Note that every January 22, busload upon busload of younguns disembark. Sparkling, delightful, prayerful, leave less trash behind them than the pilgrims who flocked there for the Ascendancy of The Standard of Hope and Change. If pro-life movement has had secret weapon, it is edjermacation. Of course, in Catholic/Fundamentalist/Orthodox Jewish schools. But leave us not forget our fine homeschoolers- many Catholics among these parents who will not subject their young to horrors of government-funded factories full of all manner of cockamamie theories. Beyond one ironclad rule of history- The Future Belongs To The Fertile. Many pro-abort advocates sentencing themselves to long cold lonely years in dotage.

  3. Barbara Kuehl says:

    Yes, I most definately felt encouraged by this young lady. How refreshing it is to see someone so young be so serious about this most serious issue. How many young ones her age are to ethralled with the latest Hanna Montana trash, and whose parents are not encouraging them to pick up the batan in this fight, and what a fight we will have especailly under this current regime. God help us all, but on this we can rest assured God is in charge and this young lady is His proof to us, that He will not abandon us. I know that there are many like her out there. God bless her and her parents, and all parents who are raising good children in this culture of death…Let’s say our daily rosary!!!

  4. Raj Derivera says:

    Does anyone have a transcript of this speech?

    I could transcribe it myself, but if there was one already it would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Dan Reilly says:

    Wow. This young lady is so well spoken and sincere. A must view video for all kids her age! We are called to be priest, prophet, and king, and she is living up to that calling. Are you a prophet? Then prophesy!

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