Some Pseudo-Random Thoughts

A decrease in solidarity means people have fewer resources to turn to in time of crisis.

With a decrease in solidarity, a man either makes it on his own or fails on his own.

If a man is struggling to make it on his own, a child becomes an unwelcome hindrance.  A child is an economic drain, and if a man has no other resources, a child might destroy his chances of success.

Thus it should come as no surprise that programs to provide economic aid to poor soon-to-be-parents would decrease abortion rates to some extent.

However, without solidarity, there is a backlash to this.  As long as economic aid comes via governmental handouts, the broken solidarity continues to wither for want of attention.

Thus it should come as no surprise that programs to provide economic aid to poor soon-to-be-parents have either a temporary influence on abortion rates, or are incapable of decreasing abortion rates beyond a certain point.

A lack of solidarity has also led to dramatic divorce rates of around 50% as a whole.  As bonds between us are cut, the true reasons to marry become obscured.

As the true reasons to marry become obscured, more people seek sexual congress outside of marriage.  This has several effects, among which are single-parenthood and poverty.  Fear of single motherhood and fear of poverty both are leading causes of abortion.

Socialism is a mechanism that destroys solidarity by placing the government between people.  Capitalism is a mechanism that destroys solidarity by placing markets and the maximizing of profit between people. As a note, by capitalism I mean the materialistic philosophy in which increasing capital is the primary goal.

Seeking to attack abortion via socioeconomic programs targets the superficial reasons why a pregnancy is unwelcome.  It does not work to change the underlying mentality–sex without consequence–and in fact, these programs work more to subsidize that mentality.

Seeking to attack abortion via legislation seeks to reintroduce risk into sex, thus attacking the free-sex mentality.  Unfortunately, this does not address the entitlement mentality that feeds, maybe even begets, the free-sex mentality.

Now, does a loss of solidarity lead directly to the entitlement mentality?  I can see that loss of solidarity leads to government spending which leads to the notion of entitlement, but that has an intermediate step.  Or is it the case that loss of solidarity and the entitlement mentality are brethren, rather than one being the cause of the other?

6 Responses to Some Pseudo-Random Thoughts

  1. Matt McDonald says:


    excellent! Not so sure it’s random.

  2. Zena says:

    I know of one anti-abortion program in the spirit of solidarity: Maggie’s Place in Phoenix. (

  3. Ryan Harkins says:


    Thus the “pseudo”. I thought about saying “with exponential-time security”, but I don’t think anyone would have understood the reference. Mainly, it was a comment about how fragmented the ideas were, since I couldn’t really find a good way to express everything.

  4. Tito Edwards says:


    How ironic that you mentioned that!

    The girl I was courting back then was one of the original founders of that program, Maggies’ Place. I helped rustle up many beds and other items for the start up. Even did a little cleaning.

  5. Gerard E. says:

    Abortion- the ultimate reaction to a Let The Good Times Roll Culture. Keep in mind it’s your pal G.E. who sees a major national backlash to it some time in the next 18 to 24 months. Speeded up by the economic plunge followed by Porkapalooza. No matter how much taxpayers’ scratch is funneled into the abomination that is Planned Parenthood. Just as the fall of the House of Madoff began a chain reaction of other Ponzi schemes’ collapses. Although I have pity for one such hustler- the Hon. R. Alan Stanford. Reports last week indicated his company may have been laundering cash for a major Mexican drug cartel. We hope he prays novenas of thanksgiving that the Feds snagged him in Virginia last week. Not found on a West Texas road, sections of him scattered hither and yon.

  6. Matt McDonald says:

    Don’t forget, Madame Pelosi tipped her hand to us a couple of weeks ago. The democrat party of death believes that preventing births is a valid response to the economic crisis, as it saves money for education, health and food. If they get their way we will contracept and abort the next generation into oblivion… who will pay for the baby boomers retirement then???

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