Res & Explicatio for A.D. 3-4-2009

Salvete AC readers!

Due to popular acclamation I’m returning back to using Latin in my column title (mostly).  I think I’ve settled on a format so thanks for bearing with me.  I’ve wanted to do this type of column for a while and I believe I found the right balance, now if I can only be consistent in my posting.  So here we have today’s Top Seven Picks in the Catholic world:

1. Catholic News Agency has reported that a coalition of American Catholics calling themselves Catholic Advocate led by Deal W. Hudson have created a website opposing President Barack Obama’s choice for Secretary of Health and Human Services, pro-abortion Governor Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas.  The website is called  Governor Kathleen Sebelius is a dissident Catholic notorious for her direct and explicit support of abortionist George Tiller “the Killer”, whose known for executing late term abortions of innocent children.  Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City has met and counseled Governor Kathleen Sebelius on several occasions on her pro-abortion stance and has asked her to refrain from receiving Holy Communion.  However Governor Kathleen Sebelius has refused to obey and has openly opposed the good archbishop on these points.  Here is the link:

2. Kevin Knight (of New Advent) somehow found a little blurb buried in a long article that Newt Gingrich will soon convert to the Catholic faith as reported by the New York Times (7th paragraph on page 7 of the article ‘Newt. Again.’).

Updated: For a quick and eas(ier) read of the NY Times article go to Fr. John Zuhlsdorf’s blog here:

3. When I click on my browser to go to their web page takes quite a long time to download relative to any other Catholic website or blog that I surf.  I don’t know if it’s all the links or dense code, but my best guess is that their Content Management System that they ar using, Joomla, may be the cause of the slowdown.  The second longest page in the Catholic web to download is Damian Thompson’s Holy Smoke, but you place the blame of the downloading delay to his employer London’s Daily Telegraph (which is the best english language newspaper in the world in my humble opinion).

4. Mark Shea is by far the most prolific columnist in the Catholic blogosphere.  In addition to constantly posting five to ten columns a day on his own blog, Catholic And Enjoying It!, he also writes columns for Catholic Exchange, National Catholic Register,, and he’s a prolific author of many, many books.  Oh, and have I mentioned he also does speaking engagements!

5. Robert Kumpel of St. John’s Valdosta Blog has a great column concerning Cardinal Mahony’s erratic Catholicism and the mismanagement of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles titled ‘Double Standard Double Standard‘.  Here is the link:

6. The Catholic blogosphere produces a plethora of posts concerning all aspects of our beautiful Catholic faith.  One of the most unique things that I have noticed is the creativity that some bloggers have when designing their blog, despite the limitations it may impose.  One shining example is the RORATE CÆLI blog.  They change the theme of their header to reflect the liturgical calendar.  During the Christmas season they may show the manger.  During the Lenten season or Paschal Mystery they have the crucified Jesus.  The headers usually portray icons and symbols of Catholicism shown in shades of black, white, and gray, lending a simple and austere look.  The headers sets a certain tone to their postings which are normally translations from Spanish or Italian articles around the world concerning the Mass or clerical appointments and travels.  I would highly suggest you check thier blog during the Easter vigil.  Here is the link:

7. Finally I want to touch on a particular columnist that isn’t a Catholic writer or blogger, but his many columns that do touch on Catholicism are very well done without bias–regardless if his columns complement or show the not-so-good side of our faith.  He is basically a mystery because he (I’m assuming he’s a ‘he’) writes using the pen name Spengler for the Asia Times.  I was wondering if any of our readers can offer any other insight about him.  Here is the link:

2 Responses to Res & Explicatio for A.D. 3-4-2009

  1. Gerard E. says:

    So good news all around in spite of the lingering chest cold that I expected to lick Tuesday but caused me 1.5 hours of sleep and more time off Wednesday. catholicsagainstsibelius is good stuff. Best to remind our pro-abort friends and family- so you support someone who has a good friend generally known as Tiller The Killer? Her Jeremiah Wright, so to speak? Meanwhile, delighted to see news that Newt is swimming the Tiber. Always thought he was at least three to five years ahead of his time and that politics was too confining for his talents. Perhaps more like him will do the backstroke as well. Meanwhile let’s make life really miserable for La Sibelius. Might as well find some fun in these difficult times. Kaff, kaff.

  2. Tito Edwards says:

    I think Newt is sincere in his conversion.

    I also believe that he is probably the best man out there to represent the Republican party come 2012. He carries the baggage of leaving his 2nd wife while she was on her deathbed, but he has sincerely apologized for that. He certainly seems to have matured a lot since his days as Speaker of the House.

    I have a feeling that he is prepping for a run. But it’s only a feeling.

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