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Hattip to A Catholic Mom in Hawaii.  Here is a fascinating article which ran in the Washington Times on January 25, 2009, about Deirdre Byrne, who is a Sister of the Little Workers of the Sacred Heart, she has not yet taken her final vows, an Army surgeon with the rank of Colonel, and a Doctor for the poor.  The article is fantastic, although the author incorrectly reported Colonel Dede’s rank as Captain rather than Colonel, and any summary by me would not do it justice.  Read it if you want to be inspired to do good.

Nuns and sisters have often served as nurses in our armed services and this will be my opening article honoring these brides of Christ.  I note that Sister Dede is the same age that I am.  I like to think that I have done some good on this planet, but compared to the good she has done, I see that I have virtually done nothing.  Lent is not only a time of repentance for sins, but also humility before God.  Seeing what someone like Sister Dede has accomplished with her 52 years is certainly a lesson in humility to me and a powerful goad to do more with the time that God grants me in His service and less in mine.

Here is an article about Colonel Byrne which appeared in the Mountaineer in 2005.  Here is an announcement by the Military Council of Catholic Women back in October of 2008 regarding a fundraising effort for the Medical Missionaries Branch of the Little Workers of the Sacred Heart.  I can think of precious few groups worthier of support.


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  1. Gerard E. says:

    Such magnificent work and thanks to Don and Catholic Ma for resurrecting this article. Indicates that 95 per percent of what we think and write and talk about is so much blahblahblah. While those like Sister Colonel Yes Ma’am Dede are busy about their Father’s business. Almost too awesome to assimilate.

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