The Last Photograph Of Abraham Lincoln?

Ulysses S. Grant VI, the great-great-grandson of Ulysses S. Grant, stumbled across these pics in the family photo album.

Lincoln Photograph Uncovered


Lincoln Photograph Uncovered

The 6’4″ figure is alleged to be Abraham Lincoln himself.

Ulysses S. Grant VI, had seen the picture before, but didn’t examine it closely until late January. A tall figure in the distance caught his eye, although the man’s facial features are obscured….

Grant carefully removed it and was shocked to see the handwritten inscription on the back: “Lincoln in front of the White House.” Grant believes his great-grandfather, Jesse Grant, the general’s youngest son, wrote the inscription.

[Photography expert Keya] Morgan recalled the well-documented story of Warren’s trip to Washington to photograph Lincoln after his second inauguration in March 1865. Lincoln was killed in April, so the photo could be the last one taken of him.

Good stuff.

(Biretta Tip: Brian Saint-Paul of The Inside Blog)

5 Responses to The Last Photograph Of Abraham Lincoln?

  1. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Amazing the new items about Lincoln that are uncovered 144 years after his death!

  2. NPR mentioned this story in conjunction with a report that confirmed the existence of a long-rumored inscription on Lincoln’s pocket watch, scribbled by a repairman on the day Fr. Sumter was shelled.

  3. Damn peepz the expendables the movie will be awsum

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