Victory in Connecticut


Lawlor and McDonald, the two anti-Catholic bigots behind a bill to tell the Catholic Church how to operate in Connecticut, have tucked their tails between their legs, cancelled the hearing on their bill, and their hate note to the Catholic Church, disguised as a bill, is dead for this legislative session.  Massive publicitity worked the trick, and endless outraged calls, e-mails and faxes to the legislators.  Kudos to State Senator John McKinney (Republican, Fairfield) who called 24 hours ago for the hearing on this bill to be cancelled and announced that every Republican in the state senate was against this bill, and that the bill was blatantly unconstitutional.  I am sure the bigots will be back, but so will those of us who oppose them.  A good day in Connecticut.

Update: Hmmm.  The bigots were apparently in alliance with members of Voice of the Faithless.  Surprise!

6 Responses to Victory in Connecticut

  1. Tito Edwards says:

    Huzzah! For their defeat. I can’t believe it is getting to this point where they will blatantly control the Church.


  2. daledog says:

    If you have the time, can you explain the picture of the cross that accompanied this post? I’ve never seen this before. It’s beautiful.


  3. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Daledog it is a Christ Victor cross. It seemed appropriate! On top of the cross we have the first and last letters in Jesus and Christ and below we have nika, Greek for victory.

  4. […] The ‘Catholic’ group Voice of the Faithful was behind bill SB 1098 it seems.  Creditto fellow AC writer Donald R. McClarey for digging thisup last night.  Fr. John Zuhlsdorf has […]

  5. Gerard E. says:

    Boo yah. Bedbugs scattered for now. Gird your loins. More to come with varying excuses. Still, Deo Gratias.

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