Res & Explicatio for A.D. 3-25-2009

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Here are today’s Top Picks in the Catholic world:

1. The great Cardinal Pell offered his thoughts on the future of liturgical development by stating that ad orientem will be mandatory so as to move away the priest as the center of worship back to Jesus Himself, ie, both the priest and the congregation should be facing towards God.  In addition, when the priest turns away towards the congregation, there should be a crucifix in between he and the congregation so as to maintain the center of worship God and not the priest.  What a wonderful and great Cardinal that Australia has!  Let us pray for more such strong leaders of the Church worldwide and especially here in America.  Ora pro nobis!

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2. Sister Janet Ferns, a nun who has worked in Nigeria and Zambia, has explained what most condoms are used for by the locals in Africa… to fish with.

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3. Bishop Naumann has been in communication with Archbishop Wuerl to inform him of his discussions with pro-abortion and dissident Catholic Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius.  In response to inquiries regarding Governor Sebelius receiving holy communion in Archbishop Wuerl’s archdiocese:

A spokesman for Archbishop Wuerl said church officials in Washington would act in accordance with the admonition from Kansas City. A church official in Washington said the admonition does not prohibit priests from serving Mrs. Sebelius if she does present herself, but declined to speculate on what would happen in that event.

If we reflect on Archbishop Wuerl’s past efforts of dealing with pro-abortion Catholic politicians within his archdiocese, good money can be placed on the fact that nothing will be done.

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4. The Pontiff’s poll numbers in France have dropped dramatically when His Holiness explained the ineffectiveness of condoms in preventing the spread of AIDS in Africa.  Fortunately Catholics aren’t Protestants where decisions are made by the laity, instead the Holy Spirit leads the Church through her apostle bishops.  Besides, it’s France were talking about here. ;~)

5. Take this thought experiment by our very own Donald R. McClarey:

Does anyone wish to argue with a straight face that Notre Dame would extend these honors to a President who publicly stated that blacks were an inferior race? I assume that Jenkins would prefer to eat ground glass, and rightly so, before he would honor such a man, President or not. In what way is the moral offense of honoring an overt racist greater than honoring a President who, throughout his career, has fought vigorously for abortion on demand? Could it be because in academia white racism is rightfully regarded as evil, while abortion is regarded as a sacred right? Isn’t the explanation for this decision painfully obvious? The administration at Notre Dame fully subscribes to the beliefs and prejudices predominant in American academia, and opposition to abortion is anathema to these beliefs and prejudices. By inviting Obama they are defending their faith and it has little in common with the Catholic Faith.

Let’s say now that Fr. John Jenkins, president of the University of Notre Dame, were to say that he was “honored” and “delighted” that this racist President would accept Notre Dame’s invitation to speak.

Pretty disturbing isn’t it?  For these are Fr. Jenkins exact words he used to describe how Notre Dame feels about having such a speaker in pro-abort President Obama.

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