We All Have Little Lists

Something for the weekend.  I have always been a sucker for Gilbert and Sullivan.  One of my favorite plays is The Mikado, and one of my favorite songs is that paean to lethal removal of annoying people,  “I’ve Got a Little List”, with its endless variants.

Other than bloviating bloggers, who else would be on your own personal list?   Mine would start with judges who cannot tell time and who habitually start court ten to fifteen minutes late!  Then all telemarketers certainly would not be missed.  That blight upon humanity who conduct cell phone conversations at the top of their lungs.  People in movie theaters who decide to give a running commentary.  Whoever invented Vista.  The French.  Lawyers of course (I might give myself an exemption).  IRS agents and their descendants to the tenth generation.  Road hogs.  Politicians.  Ink-stained wretches of the Fourth Estate.  People who believe the height of wit is to use the F word in public.  Anyone who read  the DaVinci  Code without either vomiting or laughing hysterically.  Mopes. Dopes.  Misanthropes.

Ah, that was refreshing!  Here is something for those going through Battlestar Galactica withdrawal.

3 Responses to We All Have Little Lists

  1. Don the Kiwi says:

    Ah yes, The Mikado.
    Back in the 50’s at my Almer Mater, Sacred Heart College, Auckland NZ, we did the Savoy operas each year for our major art/culture production. As a callow youth at ages 13 and 14, still with a boy soprano voice, I acted in the Gondliers in ’55, and as Piti Sing in The Mikado in ’56.
    The following year I was a budding tenor, but not mature enough in voice to take a part in The Pirates of Penzance.
    But in ’59 did My Fair Lady at a different establishment (male role)

    Days worth remembering.

  2. Don the Kiwi says:

    To avoid the risk of demonstrating gross intolerance, I decline to offer my list.
    But if I did, it may include, but not limited to, or necessarily definitely include –
    – those who don’t like beer.
    – people of a non-heterosexual orientation whom I do not know
    – people who followed our media directives to turn lights out last
    night “For The Earth” (gag)
    – greenies, lefties and those who do not like huntin’,shootin’ an’ fishin’.
    – people who give me the fingers while driving, then want to stop
    and argue whem I blow them away in my Subaru GT 😉
    -those gutless men who beat their wives or girlfriends.
    – druggies, pot smokers.
    (how many’s that?)

    But I would definitely do away with any one worse than that.

  3. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Well done as always Don!

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