Res & Explicatio for A.D. 3-30-2009

Salvete AC readers!

Here are today’s Top Picks in the Catholic world:

1. Please pray for Father Benedict Groeschel as he suffered a stroke last week.  For the story click here.

2. Jay Anderson is contemplating leaving blogging.  It seems he is being worn down by the grind of writing on politics and religion.  For the story click here.

3. New Liturgical Movement has a new web layout.  Check it out here.

4. In Hawaii, a ‘Civil Unions’ bill was defeated after a concerted grass roots campaign by a coalition of community and religious organizations that wrote, emailed, called, and held rally’s at the state capital for about two months.  The bill never made it out of committee hearings due to a groundswell of protest.  Sadly from my home island of Kauai, Senate Majority Leader Gary Hooser failed in his attempt at redefining marriage.  I am embarrassed by this, especially since I have assisted in time and wealth with the Kauai Democratic party in electing candidates to the Kauai County offices.  Though I’m happy that State Senator Hooser’s bill was defeated.  Please pray for his conversion of heart.  For the article click here.

5. Here’s the latest cartoon about the scandal brewing at the University of Notre Dame.  Taking the cue from the Master Card commercials.  Biretta tip to Redstate via Creative Minority Report.   nd-worthless

6. A new study shows that traditional parenting leads to well-adjusted children.  It’s sad and amazing at the same time when a study needs to be done to remind the world that a traditional family is the best way to raising children.  For the story click here.

7. For the last Res & Explicatio click here.

8. For more commentary, analysis, and news click here.

4 Responses to Res & Explicatio for A.D. 3-30-2009

  1. cminor says:


    Perhaps you’d mention the red envelope project, which launches tomorrow?

    Send red envelopes to the White House as a witness against abortion!

    (I also posted this comment at Donald McClarey’s post below.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mom Blogs – Blogs for Moms…

  3. Tito Edwards says:


    I see Donald has beat me to the punch on this one.

    Thanks for the heads up on that.

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