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Hattip to commenter cminor.  Send a letter to our pro-abort President and let him know what you think of abortion.  The color of the envelope?  Why red of course.  This is a purely symbolic gesture, but as we approach the Passiontide let us remind Obama that it is time to end the shedding of innocent blood in abortion clinics throughout the US.

4 Responses to Send Him Some Mail

  1. Jim C says:

    God said no one shall judge but him…Let’s stop judging like all the anti abortionists do..
    I am Catholic and I am pro-choice like 75% of all Catholics… The church needs to enter the 21st century and realize that we are not evil but reasonable people. that realize that there is more than giving birth to a child

  2. Tito Edwards says:

    Jim C.,

    You fail to recognize that the Catholic Church is not a democracy. That the teachings of Jesus are timeless.

    There are those that don’t follow the teachings of Jesus and have drifted from the Church.

    If you feel that you’re “right” in your “opinion” just because 75% of misguided Catholics think as you do, then think again.

    You need to be right with God, not with man.

    We are to be “in this world”, not “of this world”.

  3. Joe Hargrave says:

    I think the statistic that 75% of Catholics are pro-choice is nonsense. That would mean that Catholics as a whole are more pro-choice than Americans in general!

    Here’s some more recent info:

    “59 percent of practicing Catholics say they are pro-life while just 29 percent of non-practicing Catholics say so.”

    To me “non-practicing Catholic” is a nonsensical statement – this is not a cultural club, it is a profession of faith. I’m sick of the psychotic arbitrariness that can declare, “Oh, I’m a Catholic – even though I believe in nothing the Church teaches, never go to Mass, and am a pro-abortion atheist.” That’s yet another Orwellian abuse of language. You aren’t a Catholic because you’re Irish or Italian, because your Mom was Catholic, or some other nonsense. Technically, I suppose, if you’re baptized you’re a Catholic but you don’t deserve to be called one and certainly don’t deserve to be included for demographical considerations.

    As for this disgusting rationalization for child murder, thank the Lord in heaven that the immorality of abortion has been established ex cathedra, as intrinsically evil now and for all time.

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