Abortion Pride Movement


I am not easily shocked after participating in the struggle against abortion since 1973, but this article did shock me.  Taking pride in the deaths of millions of innocents each year?    Jesus wept.  The fight against abortion is the preeminent moral struggle of our time, first to save the lives of the most innocent among us, but second because of the damage that legal abortion does to our moral sense.  If we take pride in abortion, is there any crime that we cannot, and will not, take pride in?

In my years working in the pro-life movement I have often encountered women who have had abortions.  I believe most of them would regard the phrase “abortion pride movement” with a bitter laugh.  We must never forget the vast number of women who have had abortions and who look back in despair at that moment.  For those women let us recall the words of John Paul II in Evangelium Vitae:

“I would like to say a special word to women who have had an abortion. The Church is aware of the many factors which may have influenced your decision, and she does not doubt that in many cases it was a painful and even shattering decision. The wound in your heart may not yet have healed. Certainly what happened was and remains terribly wrong. But do not give in to discouragement and do not lose hope. Try rather to understand what happened and face it honestly.”

“If you have not already done so, give yourselves over with humility and trust to repentance. The Father of mercies is ready to give you his forgiveness and his peace in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. You will come to understand that nothing is definitely lost and you will also be able to ask forgiveness from your child, who is now living in the Lord.”

“With the friendly and expert help and advice of other people, and as a result of your own painful experience, you can be among the most eloquent defenders of everyone’s right to life. Through your commitment to life, whether by accepting the birth of other children or by welcoming and caring for those most in need of someone to be close to them, you will become promoters of a new way of looking at human life.”

Project Rachel is a good resource for women seeking spiritual healing after abortion.

In regard to abortion we must be unceasing in our fight against it.  We fight not only for the unborn but also for all of us if we are to live in a society where the strong are prevented from slaying the weak .  We are far down a path that has a very bad end.  John Paul II saw it clearly in Evangelium Vitae:  “The acceptance of abortion in the popular mind, in behaviour and even in law itself, is a telling sign of an extremely dangerous crisis of the moral sense, which is becoming more and more incapable of distinguishing between good and evil, even when the fundamental right to life is at stake. Given such a grave situation, we need now more than ever to have the courage to look the truth in the eye and to call things by their proper name, without yielding to convenient compromises or to the temptation of self-deception. In this regard the reproach of the Prophet is extremely straightforward: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness” (Is 5:20).

3 Responses to Abortion Pride Movement

  1. But Donald! Donald! How can this be? I’ve been repeatedly assured that no one is pro-abortion!

    And Barack Obama wouldn’t lie about thing like that, would he?

  2. Gerard E. says:

    Not surprised at all. Pro-abort movement is spectacularly shameless. But they show their coldness. Their addiction to the quick buck. Tough to make a legitimate argument beyond It’s My Body And I’ll Cry If I Want To (Lesley Gore 1964, produced by Quincy Jones.) The time is growing for a severe and fundamental revulsion against this ghastly practice. With or without support of Official Political or Chattering Classes- note their laffs over April 15 Tea Parties. No matter. Rachel will bewail her children.

  3. Joe Hargrave says:

    “Like Appel, describing abortion as safe, legal, and rare” has always deeply offended me…the rare part, that is. Should women be rare? Should our sexuality and sexual expression be rare?”

    See what it always comes down to?

    Here is what I think, though – if even Obama is talking about “safe legal and rare”, about “abortion reduction”, the abortion movement loses moral ground. He and others like him have no choice. To promote abortion as a “good” thing would end up hurting abortion – but to promote it as a thing that ought to be “rare” doesn’t really help it either. I think we can thank those in the pro-life movement who have forced millions to see the graphic and brutal nature of abortion for this. All you have to do is tell the truth about abortion for people to reject it.

    On another note, I thought it was really interesting that at Rev. Walter Hoye’s arraignment (he was arrested for sidewalk counseling outside the “free speech zone), his supporters were young, multi-racial, equally composed of men and women.

    The supporters of the abortion clinic, by contrast, were old white people. And this was in San Francisco.

    And this article is written by another old white boomer, or maybe closer to gen X, its hard to tell from the picture.

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