Obama: Armenian ‘Atrocities’, Not Genocide

April 24, 1915 A.D. is the date fixed for the beginning of the Armenian Genocide where over 1.5 million Armenian Christians were slaughtered by the Turkish Muslims through deportation, starvation, slave labor, and concentration camps.

Today President Obama referred to the Armenian Genocide as “one of the great atrocities of the 20th century.”  Thus breaking his campaign promise of calling it a genocide in deference to Turkey’s delicate sensibilities to their Armenian question.

This display of masterful verbal calisthenics has not been seen since Bill Clinton’s impeachment hearings of ’99.     President Obama skillfully used over a 100 words to explain these ‘atrocities’ instead of utilizing the more efficient use of ‘genocide’, which is one (1) word exactly (comments mine).

“(O)ne of the great atrocities of the 20th century.  I have consistently stated my own view of what occurred in 1915, and my view of that history has not changed (a falsehood).  My interest remains the achievement of a full, frank and just acknowledgment of the facts.  The best way to advance that goal right now is for the Armenian and Turkish people to address the facts of the past as a part of their efforts to move forward.  (The  Armenians who were massacred in the final days of the Ottoman Empire) must live on in our memories.  Reckoning with the past holds out the powerful promise of reconciliation.  I strongly support efforts by the Turkish and Armenian people to work through this painful history in a way that is honest, open, and constructive.”

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5 Responses to Obama: Armenian ‘Atrocities’, Not Genocide

  1. Mark DeFrancisis says:

    The phrasing of Obama’s written statement attracted heightened scrutiny because of the sensitivity of the issue and because the two countries are nearing a historic reconciliation after years of tension. The Obama administration is wary of disturbing that settlement.

  2. Tito Edwards says:


    I understand the weariness of the Obama administrations reluctance of using a highly charge, yet accurate, term of ‘genocide’.

    Beside’s the presidents reluctance, I am heartened to hear of the settlement between Turkey and Armenia. Albeit that it’s incomplete, but it is a positive start to hopefully an end of over a century of animosity and to a new era of cooperation and friendship.

  3. Gerard E. says:

    In the Bush 44 administration, George’s Inner Gipper was in constant conflict with his Inner Poppy. In final year, Inner Poppy won all the way. Within Dear Leader, we have ongoing smackdown between Inner Willie and Inner Jimmy. The Armenian ‘atrocities’ statement was pure Inner Willie. But Inner Jimmy is never far away, ready to mess things up- as in sending signals for Scooter Libby-style show trials. Or Janet Napolitano- his Janet Reno- alienating Canada, veterans, and pro-life moms. The struggle continues.

  4. Jose says:

    I think Obama played it well.

    Whether or not Turkey accepts the Armenian genocide (and they won’t, it’s illegal in Turkey to talk about it), the issue isn’t going to have a positive political effect. Sometimes you have to play politics, and when Turkey, a long-time regional ally, now has increased importance in resolving our Iraqi and Iranian problems, there’s no reason to through sand in their face with no obvious U.S. interest.

  5. Tito Edwards says:


    If by played it well you mean ignoring the deaths of over a million Armenian Christians so as to not offend Turkish Muslim ‘sensibilities’, then yes, he played it very well.

    Once can stand by the truth, or play politics. Obama promised to change the tone in Washington, instead he dolled himself up and is literally kissing the pig to ingratiate himself to the politiratti.

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