Fish Wrapper Shortage


Newspapers are going the way of buggywhips, vhs tapes,  lead pipes and leisure suits.  Largely done in by what you are looking at right now, that and often truly stunning managerial incompetence.  (Content advisory:   the prior link goes to a Vanity Fair article.  Good article but surrounded by the usual coterie of Vanity Fair adverts featuring women in various stages of undress.)   Sad in a way, but perhaps really no sadder in the long run than the fact that we no longer send messages by morse code along telegraph wires.  Iowahawk tracks the decline and fall of the ink-stained wretches as only he can.

4 Responses to Fish Wrapper Shortage

  1. Davis says:

    Still, I would content that nothing beats newsprint spread out in front of you while you eat your breakfast

  2. Anthony says:

    Soon you will just read off of a touch-screen tablet while you eat breakfast. Enjoy content that you find enlightening and informative, as opposed to pushy, redundant and holier than thou. Likely either for free or a small subscription fee, subsidized by advertising dollars.

    Goodbye newspaper, please take The New York Times with you.

  3. Phillip says:

    Yeah. But can you wrap fish and chips in a tablet?

  4. Anthony says:

    What if it came with a plate attachment? 🙂

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