Harry Caray Wept.

Hattip to Hot Air.  After this rendition by Denise Richards, Take Me Out To The Ball Game will never be quite the same again.  If you have a fondness for that song, baseball, or the Cubs, you might wish to skip the above video.  Seriously.

10 Responses to Harry Caray Wept.

  1. paul zummo says:

    As bad as that was, Ozzy Osbourne may have been worse:

    At least Denise knew the words.

    And here’s Jeff Gordon. Wrigley Stadium?

  2. paul zummo says:

    Wow, didn’t think my links would embed like that. Sorry if that messes up the comments.

  3. Jay Anderson says:

    “If you have a fondness for that song, baseball, or the Cubs, you might wish to skip the above video.”

    Yeah, but what if you like the song, baseball, and the Cubs, yet you just want any excuse to look at Denise Richards?

  4. Mike Petrik says:

    Notwithstanding my fond memories of Harry Carey, we are talking about the Cubs here. As a Sox fan I find this development both predictible and fitting. 😉

  5. Video skipped. Never did like Denise Richards.

  6. paul zummo says:

    Then again, at least it’s not as painful as watching her during The World Is Not Enough.

  7. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Starship Troopers will never be the same for me.

    Mike, as a hereditary downstate Cardinal’s fan, out of respect for my sainted Father, I will of course stay neutral in any Cubs v. White Sox conflict in the comboxes!

  8. Mike Petrik says:


    Out of respect for my father and grandfather, I am not neutral as between the Cubs and Cards. Go Cards!

    Starship Troopers the movie was a travesty. It was a stupid and sophomoric lampoon of a very fine novel.

  9. Donna V. says:

    Denise Richards was bad enough. But Paul, you need to say 10 Hail Marys for posting the Ozzy Osbourne link. I may have to hit myself over the head with a ballpeen hammer several times to get the sound out of my ears. (Yes, I know, I clicked on it knowing full well something wicked this way would come. Today went too pleasantly, I guess I felt the need to remind myself that frightfulness abounds in our fallen world:-)

    Speaking of frightfulness, Cubs, schubs. I’m a Brewer fan!

  10. cminor says:

    Evidently Ozzy’s years in California didn’t result in an enhanced understanding of the finer points of baseball.

    I envision Jeff Gordon thinking,
    “How the heck did I get roped into this? I can’t sing a note! Maybe if I mouth the words the crowd will cover for me.”

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