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As part of his decades long struggle to assist pro-abort politicians, Father Thomas Reese, SJ, had a piece in the Washington Post attacking the bishops and cardinals who have spoken out against Obama Day on May 17, 2009.  The article is fisked to pieces in the Father Z style here.

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Conservative Catholicism And Liberal Islam

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 \AM\.\Wed\.

I just finished reading Thomas F. Madden’s Empires of Trust: How Rome Built–and America Is Building–a New World, and I’m planning to write a couple posts shortly reviewing the book and the ideas it presents. As a prelude of sorts, however, I’d like to revisit some thinking I did a while back:

A month or so ago I finally had the chance to read Steven Vincent’s account of life outside the green zone in post-war Iraq: In The Red Zone. It’s a very fair book, and worth a read whether you support the war in Iraq or not. The author, since then killed in Iraq by militants, was a New York art reporter who watched the attacks on 9-11 and supported the Iraq war. Having supported the war, he felt like he should go over and see what was really happening over there. The book has the advantage of being writing from a culture writer’s point of view rather than a political writer’s. And although Vincent starts out as an enthusiastic supporter of the project, he ends unsure whether it’s possible for democracy to flourish in Iraq. (I’d be curious to read later work by him and see what he thought of the elections and the provisional constitution, both of which post date his book.)

This reminded me of my long held intention to read more about Islam, so I pull off the shelf the copy of Living Islam(now apparently out of print) by Ahbar S Ahmed which I’d bought on remainder some nine years ago and had been meaning to read ever since. Living Islam is half cultural history, half apologia (think a very, very light weight version of Letters To A Young Catholic with lots of pictures and basic intro information.)

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Shameless Cadging For Votes

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 \AM\.\Wed\.


The Crescat blog is hosting the 2009 Cannonball Catholic blog awards.  Many very fine blogs have been nominated including Pro Ecclesia, Thoughts of A Regular Guy, The Cranky Conservative and Southern Appeal.  What?  Why I hadn’t noticed this before!   American Catholic has been nominated in two categories:   best political…not American Papist, and Best New Kid On The Block.  I know it will disappoint a few of our readers, but apparently we were not nominated in the Bat (Censored) Crazy category.  Personally I despise awards and view them as completely meaningless—until I win the award of course.  Any readers who might care to view the Crescat site, and, I don’t know, do something there like vote, just press here.

Obama and DC Public School Kids

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 \AM\.\Wed\.

From Reason TV.  DC public schools are a cesspool, some of the worst in the nation.  President Obama knows that.  That is why he sends his girls to the Sidwell Friends School.  I do not fault him for doing that.  Any responsible parent  would do so, who could find any way to pony up the $28, 442 per student, rather than risk sending their kids to the chaotic and violent DC public schools.

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