Obama and DC Public School Kids

From Reason TV.  DC public schools are a cesspool, some of the worst in the nation.  President Obama knows that.  That is why he sends his girls to the Sidwell Friends School.  I do not fault him for doing that.  Any responsible parent  would do so, who could find any way to pony up the $28, 442 per student, rather than risk sending their kids to the chaotic and violent DC public schools.

What I find absolutely reprensible is that Obama killed the DC school voucher program and thereby ensured that those kids who had been receiving vouchers may well find themselves back in the DC public education morass which Obama, rightly, wants his daughters to avoid at all costs.  A good story on the subject is here.


UpdateI:  Hattip to Ed Morrissey at Hot Air.  Obama partially reverses on the DC voucher program.  He will seek to extend funding until all current participants have graduated, but no new students will be accepted.  I am happy for the current students, but if the program is good enough to cause Obama to want them to be able to continue to benefit, why, other than the teacher unions, does he want to kill the program?  That question just answered itself.

Update II: National Review Online reports on a rally in DC today in support of the vouchers program.

10 Responses to Obama and DC Public School Kids

  1. daledog says:

    0bama got his – what’s the problem here?


  2. Jay Anderson says:

    Yet another “non-negotiable” item, as defined by the Holy Father, on which the President seems to falter: “The protection of the right of parents to educate their children”.


  3. Andy K says:

    The notoriously liberal Juan Williams recently wrote a similar article slamming Obama for caving in to Union pressure instead of keeping in place what is unquestionably a helathy alternative to the deplorable D.C. school system. Good find!

  4. I will say that I’m a little wary of voucher programs. Not that I don’t think governments should offer them; I think if the goal is just making sure American kids are educated the parents should have the choice as to where.

    I just worry that governments will try to further take religion out of the private schools, using voucher money as the key to opening the doors to set whatever policies they desire.

  5. Jay Anderson says:


    I share your concerns about vouchers giving the government an excuse to try to secularize private religious schools.

  6. paul zummo says:

    I echo Jay and Michael’s concerns regarding vouchers. I am also uncomfortable with holding up local politicians’ reluctance to send their kids to a DC public school as a means of condemning their opposition to vouchers. I will never send my kid to a local public school in this area, both because most of them suck, and because the ones that are good are ones that are out of whack with my own values. But I might be inclined to oppose vouchers mainly for the reasons Michael and Jay outlined, though I’d unhesitatingly support them if it were guaranteed that there would be no government interference in the way the affected schools were run.

  7. Katherine says:

    May I ask why the government should be giving tax money to the Catholic Church?

  8. Donald R. McClarey says:

    “May I ask why the government should be giving tax money to the Catholic Church?”

    Sure you can ask. Answer: so the kids in the voucher program can get a decent education at a non-public school, Catholic or otherwise. Perhaps a better question might be why any government where sanity prevails would continue to pump tax money into bad public schools. The answer to that question is of course obvious: politics.

  9. Matt McDonald says:


    I might be inclined to oppose vouchers mainly for the reasons Michael and Jay outlined,

    such would be a principaled position (though in error in my humble opinion)… it is most certainly not the reason most liberals oppose vouchers.

  10. Mike Petrik says:

    The government is not giving money to the Catholic Church. The government is giving money to families to spend on education as they see fit. While some families will choose to spend that money on a Catholic school, that is no different than some ex-GI’s using their GI bill education benefits for a Catholic college. Clear now?

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