Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Israel and the Holy Land

Thursday, May 7, 2009 \PM\.\Thu\.

Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Israel and the Holy Land will begin tomorrow, May 8-15, 2009.

I’ve set up a special blog devoted to the Papal Pilgrimage as a vehicle for rounding up news, coverage and commentary, and where I’ll be posting from now until the duration of the Holy Father’s journey (upon which time I’ll resume blogging here at American Catholic).

Following are some interviews and links which will set the tone for the papal journey:

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Soldier Ask Not

Thursday, May 7, 2009 \PM\.\Thu\.



Soldier, ask not – now, or ever,
Where to war your banners go.
Anarch’s legions all surround us.
Strike – and do not count the blow!

Glory, honor, praise and profit,
Are but toys of tinsel worth.
Render up your work, unasking,
Leave the human clay to earth.

Blood and sorrow, pain unending,
Are the portion of us all.
Grasp the naked sword, opposing,
Gladly in the battle fall.

So shall we, anointed soldiers,
Stand at last before the Throne,
Baptized in our wounds, red-flowing,
Sealed unto our Lord – alone!

In a science fiction mood today.  Who can tell me, without using a search engine, the novel in which the above poem appeared, the author and the cycle of novels it was part of?

Star Trek Betrayal!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009 \AM\.\Thu\.

From the only reliable news source on the internet, the Onion.  The new Star Trek movie opens today.  We will quickly learn if there will be a divergence of reaction between the hard-core “yes-this-Star-Trek-uniform-is-what-I’m-wearing-for-jury-duty” and the rest of us Terrans.  I hope the acting is several notches above what can be seen for free on the net in the  Star Trek Phase II episodes.

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