Hattip to Rich Leonardi at Ten Reasons.  According to a poll released Tuesday by Rasmussen Reports, Catholics oppose the awarding of an honorary degree to Obama by Notre Dame 60%-25%.  52% of all Americans agree that Notre Dame should not award an honorary degree to Obama.

By a 60% to 25% margin, U.S. Catholics say the university should not award an honorary degree to the president. Sixty-six percent (66%) of Evangelical Christians share that view along with 52% of other Protestants.

Of course numbers mean nothing in regard to a moral question.  Honoring a pro-abort like Obama at Notre Dame would be wrong if 99.99% of all American Catholics were in favor of it.  However, I think it is heartening to opponents to see that our efforts are beginning to gain traction.  The bishops and cardinals who have spoken out deserve a great deal of credit.  For too long the Church in America has been timidly quiet overall as the silent holocaust of abortion continues unabated.  I think those days are coming to an end.  68 bishops and cardinals have thus far spoken out.  The transition from the Church Mushy to the Church Militant continues.

One Response to 60%-25%

  1. Robin says:

    Why would any Catholic university want to do anything for Obama? Does he deserve any praise for his beliefs? Does he agree with Catholics on abortion, gay marriage, etc.? Does he promise to do something for Notre Dame? I certainly hope that an upstanding university such as ND wouldn’t make a trade-off with anyone. I just don’t understand what ND hopes to gain by giving this man an honorary degree, or by asking him to give a speech, or by doing anything else.

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