“I also see Notre Dame crucifying Our Lord once again.”

Bishop Yanta

A letter written by John W. Yanta, Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Amarillo, to President Jenkins of Notre Dame on Good Friday.  The text of the letter was released last week.

Father John Jenkins, CSC, President
Notre Dame University
Corby Hall
Notre Dame, Indiana

Dear Father

I am writing this letter to you early Good Friday morning, April 10. I am trying to make holy this Holy Week by immersing myself completely into the agony, sufferings and disappointments endured by Jesus my Lord and Redeemer for me and for all mankind.

Notre Dame inviting President Obama to its graduation ceremony keeps coming up in my thoughts. From the first moment I heard of your regrettable, ill-advised action I was very disappointed. Your decision reminded me of words of God, in particular, on the morning of Friday the Fourth Week of Lent as I prayed in the Office of Readings. I read Psalm 78: “Salvation history reveals the goodness of God and the faithlessness of His people”: God has been very good to Notre Dame and more and more, gradually, you have “forgotten God’s deeds,” you choose “to be a defiant and rebellious race,” your heart is “fickle,” you “forget the things He has done,” and “you have failed to keep God’s covenant and would not walk according to His law.” Psalm 78 is “a didactic Psalm drawing savatory lessons from Israel’s history.” (New American Bible)

Since my boyhood I have been a passionate Notre Dame fan not only of football but of the Nation’s best known Catholic university. I rearranged my priestly schedule many a Saturday to watch Notre Dame football and basketball games on TV.

One of my life’s highlights as a Bishop was to be present for the graduation of my nieces as I sat on the stage with your President Father Edward Malloy along with Cardinal Kasper and your Bishop Most Rev. John D’Arcy.

I always attended the Notre Dame sponsored receptions at the Bishops’ meetings. I was privileged to be main celebrant of your famed Sunday Mass on campus. I was your guest at a Saturday afternoon football game at Notre Dame.

In conscience I can no longer support Notre Dame as a Catholic College. I am deeply offended how you treat my wife of 54 years, the Church I love whose head is Jesus Christ.

On this Good Friday, as I try to put myself into Christ’s place I feel Him being rejected, beaten and crucified again by my own sinfulness, lack of faith, indifference and lack of courage. All sinners in their unfaithfulness join me for caressing His Passion and Death.

I see myself in those associated with His death, i.e., Judas, Peter, Pilate, Caiaphas, Herod, soldiers, etc.

I also see Notre Dame crucifying Our Lord once again. Our Blessed Mother must be sorrowful for what you are doing to her Son, using her name in doing so.

Blessed Mother Teresa said: “Do you think that God is going to bless a nation that kills its unborn babies?” Do you think God is going to continue blessing Notre Dame?

A few years ago I had the privilege of meeting and being in the presence of Lech Walesa over a three-day period. Several times, publicly and privately, he said the United States will cease being the sole super power if we (USA) cease to be the world’s moral leader. Christ spoke of seeing “the signs of the times” in our midst.

As a brother to you in the priesthood of Christ, I will pray for you to disinvite our Pro-Abortion President, who has supported and surrounded himself only with Catholics who dissent and are stubbornly defiant of the Church’s teachings, i.e., the issues of life, pro-abortion Catholics receiving Holy Communion, e.g. Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sebelius and others.

Sadly, the Body of Christ is being divided in this Country and you have joined them: Notre Dame, D.D. – Dissenter and Disuniter.

This is a teachable moment for Notre Dame and all of us. It’s time to review the basics of Christianity and Catholicism, i.e., the Word of God about faithfulness and obedience of Faith, documents on Catholic Education, incredulity (Catechism #2089), your Profession of faith (Canon 833, Paragraph 7) , your relation to your local Bishop and the United States Conference of Catholic bishops.

You have “drawn a line in the sand.” The easiest solution to your dilemma, and most pleasing to the Risen Lord, is the “above” route. Just disinvite President Obama- he understands politics very well and the steadfast rock that Jesus put into the world, the Catholic Church.

Should you choose to remain unmoved and to continue to be defiant and thereby setting a scandalous example for your students and the nation, I will support the many efforts of bearing witness to the truth.

For example, Notre Dame football is being scheduled to be in San Antonio, October 31. I will be there, not in the Alamodome, but outside near there, joining a legal, peaceful and prayerful protest. I will be praying the Rosary, the Sorrowful Mysteries, praying for the conversion of Notre dame, D.D.

This is a permanent commitment on my part, similar to the one I made in 1993 against abortion chambers and Planned Parenthood, the biggest promoter and executioner of abortions in the United States and the world.

I conclude with words of Pope John Paul II in his encyclical Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life) : “Together with the family, teachers and educators have a particularly valuable contribution to make. Much will depend on them if young people, trained in true freedom, are to be able to preserve for themselves and make known to others new authentic ideals of life, and if they are to grow in respect for and service to every other person, in the family and society.

“Intellectuals also can do much to build a new culture of human life. A special task falls to Catholic intellectuals, who are called to be present and active in the leading centers where culture is formed in schools and Universities.” …(EV 98.2,3)

Again Pope John Paul II states: “The one who accepted ‘Life’ in the name of all and for the sake of all was Mary., the Virgin Mother. (EV 102.2) Mary thus helps the Church to realize that life is always at the center of the struggle between good and evil, between light and darkness.”(EV 104.3)

Asking our Blessed Mother to interced for you and yours with her Divine Son, I am,

Fraternally in Christ the Priest,

Most Rev. John W. Yanta
Bishop Emeritus of Amarillo

8 Responses to “I also see Notre Dame crucifying Our Lord once again.”

  1. Bill Sr. says:

    Personally I think Barack Obama has addressed the nation over the past year with his views on government and how it should be involved in our lives more than enough to give us pause.
    He has nothing new to say that would make any of us believe he is about listening to those who oppose either his socialist agenda or his hardened stance on unbridled abortion the world over.
    Hence, there was no need to have him as the commencement speaker at, of all places, Notre Dame which is recognized as the leading “Catholic” university in America. Why? Simply put, he emphatically announced to the nation that he is limited by his “pay grade” to make any decisions regarding when life begins. Even the poorest of mothers in Christ’s church knows the answer to that question.
    His ability to portray himself as a “centrist” on abortion and sway voters with the notion of his fervent desire to reduce the number of abortions is politically calculated speech for young minds and self ordained elitist in academia. His true objective today with the assistance of the ND board of directors will be to eloquently attempt to reduce the numbers of his “pro-life” opposition.

  2. Francis Pimentel-Pinto says:

    If Jesus has risen from the dead how can he be crucified again?

  3. Prof. S says:

    Wow! What a moving, thoughtful letter. Fr. Jenkins is indeed an incredibly stubborn man if he remained uninfluenced by such a powerful voice of reason and faith. On such a dark day, as this is, it was uplifting to read such a powerful argument for and witness to the true Catholic faith. God bless you, Rev. Yanta.

  4. Francis Pimentel-Pinto says:

    I am unimpressed by the lack of faith of so many American Catholics and of some of their bishops. A strong,serene and welcoming faith is not shaken by any
    opposition.Christians must love everybody and welcome everybody and listen to everybody. The transforming power of love works wonders everywhere.

  5. Donald R. McClarey says:

    “The transforming power of love works wonders everywhere.”

    Except apparently in abortion clinics where innocents are slain each and every day. President Obama views the slaying as a Constitutional right, and that is the calibre of man Notre Dame is honoring today.

  6. Thank you for sharing this letter. I will cross-post it with a link here along with Bishop D’Arcy’s letter.

  7. Francis Pimentel-Pinto says:

    I am more than surprised that neither the American Catholics nor their bishops are against illegal wars, the barbaric use of torture by the Bush Administration and the unchristian death penalty used in some States for people who have committed very serious crimes.

  8. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Nothing illegal about the wars, I would hardly call water-boarding barbaric although I oppose it, and the Church taught that the State had the right to use the death penalty until the last pontificate. As a matter of fact I believe that the Vatican had the death penalty until fairly recently.

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