Notre Dame Takes Sycophancy To A New Level

Hattip to Gateway Pundit.  Well, the leaked text of the honorary degree awarded to Obama was accurate.  The awarding of such a degree to the most pro-abortion president in our nation’s history was of course an abomination.  However, just from the stand-point of academic self-respect, it astonishes me that this text, which reads like a piece of campaign literature written by a starry-eyed student volunteer, was used.  I am glad though that the text was utilized however.  It adds the necessary farcial touch to these proceedings, and makes it impossible for anyone with any integrity to argue that Jenkins and the Notre Dame administration did not intend to pay homage of the most lickspittle type to Obama.


One Response to Notre Dame Takes Sycophancy To A New Level

  1. Gail F says:

    I read that last week and I thought it had to be a fake. Not only is it fawning, but it’s also not at all what I would expect a degree to sound like. I don’t know what an honorary degree usually sounds like, but I assumed it would sound like a normal degree, but more lofty and academic. My bachelor’s degree doesn’t sound anything like that. Just a bunch of stuff about Miami University awarding me a degree in philosophy, blah blah blah. Nothing about what a great human being I am. I want a new degree!

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