“Hope and Change” Lizards

Hattip to the ever reticent lads and lasses at Lair of the Catholic Cavemen.  The original V series was a fun, if ludicrous, science fiction invasion of earth tale which ran from 84-85.   We were expected to believe that Lizard-like aliens could be made up to look like humans.  After it was discovered what they really looked like, and that they planned to make Lizard happy meals out of humanity, they continued, for no discernable reason other than the wardrobe budget, to disguise themselves as human.  With the mind parked in neutral it was a lot of fun, especially observing the battles between Lizard-uber vixens, Diana, portrayed by Jane Badler, and Lydia, portrayed by June Chadwick, to see who would be Queen Lizard.   Dallas meets the “To Serve Man” episode from the Twilight Zone.  One of the more off-beat TV offerings in the 80’s.



John Nolte at Big Hollywood believes that the new V series could be a parable for the Obama administration, and although I dismissed the idea initially, having viewed the trailer a few times, I think he might be onto something.  David Sirota at Huffington post also thinks there might be a jab at the Obama administration in this new series.

Judging from this other clip the Lizards certainly have the same attitude to the few elements of the Press that aren’t completely in the tank that the Obama administration has.

Empty promises met with rapturous applause?  Check.

In the promo trailer we hear hope and change, and people developing a cult like following to the Lizards.  Nah!  What could I have been thinking?  That doesn’t sound like the followers of Obama at all

3 Responses to “Hope and Change” Lizards

  1. Anthony says:

    I was about 4-5 years old when V came out, and have all sorts of creepy memories of people getting their faces taken off to reveal lizardiness.

    What I don’t get here is… will there be anything new or surprising since we all know they are lizards already? Seems like the whole thing would be rather boring until we get to the reveal and try to make it something new.

    I don’t remember any religion playing a role in the original… but then again I was watching while hiding from my parents long after it was my bed time!

  2. The trailer makes it seem as though the series will be a morality play about idolatry. A priest is one of the protagonists. ‘Could be interesting.

  3. Alan Phipps says:

    Looks like an Anglican priest based on this trailer. Still, a priest or minister in a hero/leader role is unheard of today.

    “will there be anything new or surprising since we all know they are lizards already?”

    Well, assuming they are paying writers here, then most certainly there will be some new elements. But I’m not sure I mind one way or the other.

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