The zeal for living that my 1 year old son exhibits inspires me. He wants to explore everywhere, he is so quick to find something hilarious, he loves craziness, and he cries with passion whenever he sees his sister crying. One word keeps coming to my mind when I just look at the faces of my kids- Miracle. They keep growing and changing, but this thought keeps coming at me- they weren’t even in existence just a few short years ago- but now I can’t imagine the universe without them. They started off life as something so tiny they couldn’t be seen without a microscope- now they are undeniably eternally significant forces of life and love.

Abortion reduces children just like my own, to enemy status. I cannot accept this insanity- CHILDREN are not the enemy- they are the greatest evidence in the universe that we are made for love, we are made to be eternal. I know for a fact that I was made to be my childrens father- call it intuition or inspiration or both. I don’t want to see anybody deceived by the slick propaganda that accepts abortion as some kind of honorable choice. Abortion is here mostly because people have decided that sex is more important than the life of our children. We have made our sexuality into our god- we wanted sex without consequence and thus abortion found it’s way to respectable society. I couldn’t be more pro-woman with the intensity of love that I feel for my wife and my daughters. I hate a world that could view my daughters as mere sex objects, and a world that would tell my daughters that abortion was part of their rights as women.

No. The world is sick is so many ways- with the useless wars, the amoral economics, the focus on celebrity over the millions dying through abortion, poverty, lack of clean water or basic nutrition. I don’t care about the exercise routines of the Bushes, the Obamas or the fashion statements of their wives. I see in the eyes of my children a great push to be something more than a sports fan or an ordinary American consumer. When I hear an infant crying in the mall, and a little girl calling out for her “papa”. It sounds just like my own kids- I have to check to make sure. What is that if not a universal recognition of some great reality- we are very much the same. My children are miracles- I feel it, I know it- but it is not only my children. If a child is conceived, he or she is not an unwanted child. God wants that child to be and we deliberately take that life away only at great cost to our own soul and society.

To have so many miracles right in front of us, and yet deny them, reject them so crudely and violently? This is a tragedy beyond words. To reject God’s children- the greatest gifts we could ever imagine- I cannot believe we have entered this place of the insane. And I was once one of the insane myself- I never knew that until I looked into my child’s eyes and I began to really open myself to Love. Forget the political and legal stuff for the moment, and just remember this- our children are not our enemy, they are our greatest gift- don’t abort, don’t give up hope- every child is the embodiment of HOPE.

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  1. “Forget the political and legal stuff for the moment, and just remember this- our children are not our enemy, they are our greatest gift”

    I definitely agree on this. In whatever circumstance having a child is the greatest gift from God. And in any manner abortion is anti life, anit God. I guess that is true in all religion.

  2. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Each child is God’s vote of confidence in the human race; each abortion is our way of telling God that His confidence is misplaced.

  3. TomSVDP says:

    I worked for awhile at a middle school and I had never been around children. Even while working there, children didn’t effect me. And then, I went on to another job. But about 3-6 months after, it really hit me how sweet all these little people were though already above the grade school level.

    Again, hearing it on Relevant Radio, it was summed up well, the Miracle is often the birth and a new baby coming into the world, crying or however.

    Partial birth is also the birthing process and yet, that beautiful act, is perverted with the acts of the surgeons. It is just the opposite.

  4. Elaine Krewer says:

    The proudest moment of my life is and always will be the day I gave birth to my daughter. I regret that I never got to have that experience again, but I thank God I had that privilege at all, since I have relatives and friends who wanted children and never got to have any.

    Tom brings to mind something else that has been on my mind lately. In Springfield school kids on field trips and families on vacation are everywhere, touring Lincoln sites, museums, and the Capitol. Large groups of middle school age kids come through the Capitol complex nearly every day during the “spring rush” season.

    When I see little kids climb up on the Lincoln statue in front of the Capitol to get their pictures taken, or chase each other around the oak trees on the lawn, or file into one of the elaborately decorated hearing rooms to listen to one of the tour guides, sometimes, maudlin though this sounds, I get moved to tears by it. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why until I read this post.

    I think it’s because everything is still new and wonderful to them, they haven’t been worn down by cynicism and scandal yet, and they don’t care about corruption, pay to play, reform, taxation, and all the other stuff that keeps us grownups tied up in knots. They just know that something really important goes on there, and that important people once walked these halls and these streets, and it’s a privilege to get to see it.

    We often say that elected officials should act more like grownups. I agree, yet in some ways, maybe they ought to act more like children. At the very least maybe they ought to give more weight to what those children will think of them 20 or 30 or 40 years from now, than what the voters will think of them next year.

  5. Tim Shipe says:

    Good to hear the comments- again more universal insights I am not surprised- sometimes we just have to set aside the politics and just let the spirit flow in a more poetic direction. I didn’t start writing this post to have anything to do with abortion, I only had the first paragraph in my mind, and then something got me going thinking of the absolute opposite of the reality I experience with my children- abortion is the opposite of everything I have discovered about the joy of life in being a papa. I don’t want anyone to be misled, I don’t want anyone to have the kind of regret that comes from learning the truth about abortion after the fact. Children don’t always come at the time we plan or even seek them- and it is a 24-7 job once they are here- but my God they are the best thing ever- I don’t care how much personal freedom and space I have lost. I can’t even begin to describe the spiritual blessings I have received in accepting and loving my kids- and this is no male-only view- my wife feels exactly the same way I do- we are on exactly the same page where the children are concerned- and this is maybe where couples get into trouble- when one understands the godliness associated with parenting, and the other remains aloof and misses out by not seeing or feeling the miracle- I can see how traumatic that could be in a marriage. If my wife didn’t “get” it, I think I would feel like we were strangers somehow. Thanks be to God for my fireproofed marriage, and I pray for all those who are struggling, those marriages and relationships being challenged instead of strengthened by the children created in these unions- May the grace of God be theirs.

  6. Andy K. says:

    Tim, if you gave a speech like this before any group of dedicated pro-life PAC’s, I can’t help but think you’d get their endorsement immediately! Your political troubles would be over! I’m moved to tears by it!

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