Pope Benedict XVI To Meet With President Obama

In news reports released today from the Vatican, it has been confirmed that His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI will welcome  President Barack Obama for an audience scheduled to begin at 4 p.m on July 10. As expected, speculation has began about what the Roman Pontiff and the American president will discuss behind closed doors. The most obvious expectation is for the Holy Father to raise concern about the state of life issues in the United States, as well as address economic concerns and challenges facing the international community.

This is certainly something to pray for, even if any changes are not immediate; I believe profoundly in God planting seeds and I will pray for both my Pope and my President.

2 Responses to Pope Benedict XVI To Meet With President Obama

  1. Ivan says:

    There they go again, off on a Roman holiday hardly a month after the D-Day commemoration, the Europeans must be rueing their infatuation with the Obamas. Even that sainted man, the Pope, can bear only so much of Obama’s vacuous guff before he too sinks into depression. Staying home to deal with the economy must be too much of a bore for the new Lincoln.

  2. Steve says:

    I predict B16 picks up Obama, lifts him over his head, spins around three times and throws him through a window.

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