Iran: The Resistance Lives

No doubt the mullahs who rule Iran had begun to think that they had successfully crushed the resistance.  They thought wrong as the above video of a protest yesterday at the Ghoba Mosque in Tehran amply demonstrates.  Reports indicate that between 7,000-20,000 protesters participated.

Protests occurred in other locations in Tehran.  One chant of the demonstrators yesterday was “Death to Dictators”.  Gateway Pundit has lots of details here.   Atlas Shrugs has good coverage here.   Here is an AP report.

Ahmadinejad and his puppet masters now face a big decision.  What they have done up to this point isn’t stopping the protesters from continuing, with incredible courage, to stage street marches.  Now the Iranian regime has to decide if they will order mass arrests followed by mass executions to stay in power.  My guess is that the mullahs are divided.  By the harsh standards of the Iranian regime, their repression thus far has been hesitant and half-hearted.  I believe the resistance understands this and I suspect that one purpose of the continuing protests is to increase the divisions between the mullahs who want mass executions and those who are obviously worried about the impact of such scenes on the Iranian population in general.  If the government fails to take extreme measures, then I think we will see the protests grow in size this week.  Keep your eye on Iran, this popular movement against the Iranian regime is just getting started.

One Response to Iran: The Resistance Lives

  1. Tito Edwards says:

    I pray they topple over the Islamic government, with the minimal amount of bloodshed.

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