Let’s Send Congress to the Moon



In honor of America landing a man on the Moon forty years ago, the indispensable Iowahawk has a column here in which he suggests sending Congress to the Moon.  I’d like to be among the first to climb on board this rocketwagon.  I suspect we will never get our budgetary house in order until Congress is sent to the Moon, and I believe that most Americans have long thought that Congress and a full Moon go together.   However, as the above picture indicates, I can think of a few officials from the Executive Branch who should go along for the ride!

2 Responses to Let’s Send Congress to the Moon

  1. Elaine Krewer says:

    Actually, I picture Ralph Kramden vowing to send Congress “to the moon, Alice!”

  2. Donna V. says:

    Iowahawk is on to something, although I would fear for the fate of the moon. A tax on green cheese would certainly be imposed immediately.

    However, you’d think that Rep. Kucinich, who once saw a UFO while visiting Shirley MacLaine’s house (after a bit of wine and reefer) would jump at the chance. He could certainly serve as translator if any aliens pop up. We’d just have to make sure that we send them up there with an ample supply of loco weed and Chardonnay.

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