Meet the Jeub Family.


“Life with a ‘Quiverfull’ family: the story behind the story” – Reuters journalist Rick Wilking shares his experiences documenting the lives of a Christian “Quiverfull” family who have 15 children due to their belief that all family planning is best left in the hands of God.

Quiverfull, like any other belief system or philosophy, takes different forms. Believers generally view children as a gift from God and avoid all forms of birth control. To many, including the Jeubs, the movement means trusting God entirely to decide your family size by surrendering your life to God.

The Jeubs say that goes for their reproductive life too. “Wendy and I believe God wants us to trust Him in our family planning. The results are his to deal out. We’re more than fine by that. We are amazed (italics theirs) at how incredible the blessings have been…..We have 15 children, but why would we say that #16 wasn’t a blessing? Or #17? Or #18?”

Wilking talks about how the family’s initial hesitance to let him into their home (“They said they prayed on it hard and were led to let me into their home to tell their story through pictures and sound”).

However, they aren’t entirely averse to the public eye. The Jeub family themselves have a website and a blog and share their tips and tricks on feeding, schooling and raising their family.

Reactions to families like the Jeubs (or the Duggars) are, of course, all too predictable.

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