Hey There, Obama!

Hattip to Ledygrey at Southern Appeal. Any resemblance between the video above and the video in this post is purely intentional.


8 Responses to Hey There, Obama!

  1. George Crosley says:

    Great way to make use of the worst song of the last decade!

  2. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Thank you Ledygrey for bringing this superb video to my attention!

  3. John Keenan says:

    I’m sure you folks will be happy to hear that “Hey There Obama” was the first YouTube project of a Catholic homeschool family in Michigan. Dad (John) wrote the song, gathered the photos, and played the older federal agent; our oldest boy John-Henry (16) filmed the video, did all the editing, and played the younger agent; Mary-Grace (9) had a cameo; and our local DRE played the lead role. Another local Catholic teen, Matt, did our audio recording and editing. Humor is a great weapon in the culture wars, and we’re grateful to all those fellow believers who are helping us to battle the Cult of Obama.

  4. Donald R. McClarey says:

    You and your family are to be congratulated John! The video is fantastic, and I am unsurprised that a Catholic homeschooling family was behind it. Humor can often reveal truth and I think that is just what your video did. Very well done!

  5. Jacksonian Lawyer says:

    Mr. Keenan –

    Again, it is indeed a commendable effort you and your family have made. Thank you! It certainly made my day upon viewing (and re-viewing) and I’ve since shared it with my family and friends. Also, as you know, I’ve placed it on my blog as well (thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind words). Hopefully, we’ll see your admirable project with view-count which rivals other videos which are the medias’ darlings.

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