Res et Explicatio for AD 8-7-2009

Salvete AC readers!

Buckle Up! Because here are today’s Top Picks in the Catholic world:

1. Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York commended President Obama and the Democratic Party efforts inArchbishopDolan reforming Health Care.  He said this during the Knights of Columbus Convention in Phoenix, Arizona.  But his Grace gave this caveat that if reform…

“…leads to the destruction of life, then we say it’s no longer health care at all – it’s unhealthy care and we can’t be part of that.”

To accentuate this sentiment and as a warning to well meaning Catholics, Cardinal Levada explained that those that want to reform health care at any cost:

“[W]e do not build heaven on earth, we simply prepare the site to welcome the new Jerusalem which comes from God.”

2. Catholic convert Joe Eszterhas of Hollywood screenwriting fame, will be writing the screenplay for a movie aboutVirgen of Guadelupethe Virgin of Guadalupe.  Though no director nor a green light has been given on the go ahead of this movie project, the fact that Joe Eszterhas is writing the screenplay is newsworthy in itself because of the author himself is enough to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

3. The model Muslim nation of Turkey has once again shown itself to be insensitive and hostile to Christianity in general.  This time they have rejected the request of Pope Benedict XVI to reopen the only Catholic church in Tarsus, the hometown of Saint Paul.

The Pope’s request coincides with a successful Year of Saint Paul campaign that gave rise to an obscure Christian shrine in Turkey with overflowing crowds of Christian pilgrims.

Seems as if Turkey is doing all it can to sabotage their efforts to join the European Union.  For all that is wrong with the EU, you have to give them credit to demand that Turkey give the freedom to worship to their Christian minorities.  Pope Benedict has echoed this in his drive for ‘reciprocity‘ with the Muslim world.

4. I’ve have come to enjoy reading a wonderful new blog by Michael D., a regular commenter on AC.  He mixes his love of LSU football and Catholic politics called For the Greater Glory.  I recommend you check it out, his writing will grow on you.

5. Happy Feast of the Transfiguration of Christ!

6. Donald has an excellent update on the recent Health Care ‘reform’ debacle.

7. Seems as if M.J. Andrew and Katerina Ivanovna have restarted their old Evangelical Catholicism blog with AC’s very own Joe Hargrave in tow.  They’ve returned to their roots and are off to a good start.

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