The Anchoress On Fire


The Anchoress is on fire here about the ham-fisted efforts of the Obama administration to stifle dissent.  Eventually someone in Obama’s administration is going to have a “Yamamoto moment” and turn to him and say words to the effect of:    I fear all we have done is to rouse a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.


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  1. Moe says:

    The Anchoress is one of those bloggers that continues to be an inspiration to me. There is a duty for Christians to speak out and champion those individuals that are simply asking questions and voicing their opinions about systems that they think are inhuman and/or unfair. I think our President and Congressmen, in order to disguise their greed and lust for glorification of power, are attempting to befuddle us and chaos has resulted and will intensify. But we all share responsibility for the state of the world today. Why haven’t there been such intense town meetings and outrage over the sacrifice of our most defenseless? We angonize over the possibility of the executioner’s axe hanging over our heads, but where is our zeal about speaking out over the millions of children we have murdered? Those seniors who might face the death panel at least have had the chance to love and be loved. Is it not poetic justice that the very generation that sacrificed millions of children might ultimately be sacrificed themselves? Worship of the State will not save us, but perhaps we will be saved by the prayers and sacrifices of devoted souls. I think Christianity still has the capability of producing martyrs.

  2. Micha Elyi says:

    “Why haven’t there been such intense town meetings and outrage over the sacrifice of our most defenseless?”–Moe

    Why? Because pro-abort legislators are too cowardly to call a so-called town meeting to sell constituents on the “benefits” of their government-sponsored abortion programs, that’s why.

    Had Obama’s acolytes in the legislature suspected that their great munificent gift of government-approved “health insurance” would be opposed, the cowards wouldn’t have dared to open their meetings to the public.

  3. master c says:

    death panel?
    please. you need better info than Sarah Palin.

  4. Moe says:

    Do you think I could get better info from Ezekial Emmanuel?

  5. Moe says:

    Just as society is undaunted by a physician performing a “surgical procedure” to terminate a pregnancy, likewise we will become inured by euthanasia. Murder of our most defenseless is merely a “surgical procedure,” and murder of our elderly and mentally handicapped will be described as a “socially sustainable and cost effective” act. A panel deciding care based on these criteria sounds quite benign and less likely to offend our sensitivities than “death panel”. I rather like Sarah Palin’s jargon better than Zeke’s.

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