Bob Novak, May the Perpetual Light Shine Upon You

Robert Novak

Catholic convert Robert Novak died today.  He was many things:  a fellow University of Illinois alum, a devoted family man married to his beloved wife for 47 years, and a hard bitten journalist with a nose for news unrivaled in the business.  Novak was a conservative, but he never let his politics get in the way of a story.  Always staunchly pro-life, and respectful of Catholicism, his embrace of the Faith a decade ago came as little surprise to me.  I never met him, but I will sorely miss his presence in the public square.  May he  now be enjoying the Beatific Vision.


5 Responses to Bob Novak, May the Perpetual Light Shine Upon You

  1. daledog says:

    Another U of I alum says R.I.P.

  2. Steve says:

    The last great journalist has left us. Rest in Peace, Robert Novak.

    I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Novak twice. I randomly crossed paths with him on the streets of Washington in 2001. And I spent the evening of my 21st birthday (Nerd alert!) at a lecture he gave.

    He was delightful to meet on both occasions. The first time he chatted with me for several minutes and posed for a picture. The second he signed it.

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