Rifqa, Islam, and the Mainstream Media

Rifqa BaryYou may have heard by now of the case of Rifqa Bary who fled her Ohio home to Florida to escape her father’s grasp.  The reason being is that she converted to Christianity and her family are extremist Muslims.  Meaning that she will be put to death for being a kafir, or apostasizing from Islam.  This is in line with most mainstream Islamic jurisprudence (see the Koran verses such as 2:217 and 4:89) that calls for the death of a convert away from Islam.

Andrew Bostom of the American Thinker wrote an excellent piece concerning Rifqa Bary:

Rifqa Bary faces death for her apostasy from Islam, while the media ignores the solid religious and institutional grounding for the practice.

Mr. Bostom cites Magdi Allam, the prominent Italian journalist who converted during Easter under Pope Benedict XVI, who criticizes the problems with multiculturalism:

Allam decried the multicultural ethos for blandly asserting the “equality” of cultural and religious mores, even abjuring rational criticism of Islamic religious bigotry — such as authoritative Islam’s living, consensus jurisprudence that those who apostasize from Islam must be killed — lest the tender sensibilities of Muslims be offended. He noted how in his adopted homeland of Italy, every Muslim can go to a mosque, but in the Muslim world there is ongoing and long-standing discrimination against religious minorities — notably Christians — entirely ignored by Western multiculturalists, of all ilks. Allam observed, moreover, the perverse phenomenon that in Western countries,

“When a Westerner decides to convert to Islam, that’s fine, but when a Muslim converts to Christianity, it is suddenly the end of the world. Everyone condemns him, as though he has done something of which he should be ashamed.”
And Allam concluded with this appropriately stern warning:
“I say that it is time to put an end to the abuse and the violence of Muslims who do not respect the freedom of religious choice. In Italy there are thousands of converts to Islam who live their new faith in peace. But there are also thousands of Muslim converts to Christianity who are forced to hide their faith out of fear of being assassinated by Islamic extremists who lurk among us.  If in Italy, in our home, the cradle of Catholicism, we are not prepared to guarantee complete religious freedom to everyone, how can we ever be credible when we denounce the violation of this freedom elsewhere in the world.”

Why the concern?  Are Rifqa’s parents truly extremist Muslims?  Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs has done yeoman’s work on the Rifqa case and has uncovered some interesting facts:

Geller’s singularly tenacious and thorough reporting has provided the chronology and context which elucidates Rifqa Bary’s plight. Rifqa was “exposed” as a Christian apostate from Islam by her father’s Columbus area mosque — the Noor Islamic Center, a hotbed of jihadism and Jew- and other infidel hatred. As Bary’s August 18th legal petition records:

“The child’s parents are devout followers of Islam and members of the extreme Noor Islamic Cultural Center in Columbus, Ohio. This is where the internationally known Hamas cleric, Salah Sultan, was the resident scholar before being banned from the United States. Salah Sultan is known as a global terrorist who publicly advocates the killing of Americans and Jews. The largest cell of Al Qaeda operatives was operating from the largest mosque in the Columbus area. Columbus is one of the cities under current investigation concerning the U.S. operations of Al-Qaeda. The child is a target for the radical Muslim community of Columbus, Ohio.”
Subjected to paternal abuse (bruises on Rifqa’s limbs classmates allegedly brought to the attention of her High School counselor), Rifqa ultimately felt compelled to flee Ohio in July when her father threatened to murder his “apostate” daughter.

And where is the mainstream media?  Where is CBS’s Katie Couric and NBC’s Brian Williams?  Why they’re sticking their heads in the sand because they are afraid of being attacked by Muslim fanattics:

The mainstream media narrative, in stark contrast to Pamela Geller’s hardboiled (while patent) shoe leather reporting, was apparently developed via inept, lazy and uninformed pseudo-investigation,  and imbued with an impenetrable “see no Islam” mentality. Hence the repeated media portrayals of Rifqa Bary as a delusional teenage rebel, “brainwashed” to leave her loving middle-American Muslim home by a Florida-based fringe Christian cult.

If they were “Christian” fanatics you bet the Couric and Williams would be all over it knowing that peace-loving Christians wouldn’t do anything to them except protest while Muslims would put out death threats and hunt them down.


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  1. We need to get people to stop believing in the Quran and the Hadiths; they aren’t the word of God and they are leading people astray as to what He requires from them. Islam as a religion needs to be dismantled.

    God Bless,

  2. Moss says:


    September 1st is the fifth anniversary of the almost forgotten Beslan atrocity. The full story was never published at the time.

    In particular, the Islamic involvement was censored. The MSM never reported the child-rapes or other typically Islamic aspects, even though the children were being knifed to shouts of ‘Allah Akhbar’.

    The full uncensored story can be found in the links under ‘BESLAN – Child rape, torture and ritual murder’ at The Religion of Peace™ Subject Index

    Could all bloggers please help to spread the truth about this massacre to warn the public of the truly Satanic vileness of this predatory murder-cult.

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