Secularists Reaction To The Passing Away Of Ted Kennedy


What secularists are saying on the passing away of Edward Moore Kennedy around the web:

Douglas Brinkley on Ted Kennedy’s Life: ‘He Did a Kind of a Redemptive Work’ by Matthew Balan of NewsBusters

Democrats now seek to exploit Ted Kennedy’s death by Jonah Goldberg

Larry King-like softball questions in a Q&A with Ted Kennedy Biographer Adam Clymer on Kennedy’s Catholicism by Dan Gilgoff of U.S. News & World Report

U.S. conservative talk radio: little fondness for Kennedy legacy by Ed Stoddard of Front Row Washington via Reuters

Is Kennedy’s legacy Catholic? by Seeker ‘Christian’ Manya Brachear of the Chicago Tribune

Honor Kennedy with unity by dissident Catholic Jim Wallis of CNN International

Ted Kennedy’s Quiet Catholic Faith by Amy Sullivan of TIME magazine

Ted Kennedy’s legacy not as heroic as some might think by Howie Carr of the Boston Herald

Camelot will never Die with the Lion’s Roar by Francesca Biller-Safran of the Huffington Post

Complex Legacy of a Catholic by Michael Paulson of the Boston Globe

Kennedy’s Catholicism source of comfort, conflict by Jay Lindsay of the Associated Press


To see what Catholics are saying click here, here, and here.

9 Responses to Secularists Reaction To The Passing Away Of Ted Kennedy

  1. Donald R. McClarey says:

    This is rancid even by Huffington Post standards. Melissa Lafsky muses as to how Mary Jo Kopechne would have viewed Kennedy’s career.

    She ends her piece with the following line:

    “Who knows — maybe she’d feel it was worth it.”

    For the benefit of our younger readers who may not be familiar with the name Mary Jo Kopechne:

  2. Gerard E. says:

    Already read Howie’s story. Just read Jonah’s. Zipped thru Wallis’ piece on how Teddy was a bigtime unifier. Then remembered the Land Of Back Alley Abortions speech. Or his other stemwinders, particularly against the incursion in Iraq- delayed memo to Ted: we won. Noting in your headline that the good Rev. Wallis is a lapsed Catholic. Figures. Just like Teddy- nothing like serious deviation from Catholic teaching to constrict the brain cells.

  3. Dale Price says:

    Here’s a link to the audio about the late Senator’s comedy stylings:

  4. Mark DeFrancisis says:


    Jim Wallis is an Evangelical.


  5. […] McClarey links to Melissa Lafsky’s bit of sheer lunacy.  Lafsky touches upon Mary Jo Kopechne’s death […]

  6. markdefrancisis says:

    And don’t forget your apostrophe after the “s” in “Secularists”…

    Just trying to help 😉

  7. Tito Edwards says:


    I guess the devil is in the details which you certainly know well enough of.


  8. Elaine Krewer says:

    I would sure love to know whether any surviving relatives or friends of Mary Jo have heard the “joke” story and what they think about it. Of course I wouldn’t blame them if they would rather not talk about it, or if what they want to say would be unprintable or unbroadcastable.

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