Why I Reject Leftism

I’ve started a new personal blog which I hope to update from time to time. I still plan on writing for TAC extensively in the future; my personal blog will be for pieces that are, well, more personal.

Here is one I think TAC readers will appreciate: Why I Reject Leftism. Though I’m sorry to say, it is far from an embrace of the platform of the Republican Party circa 2009.



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  1. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Give me time Joe, give me time! 🙂

  2. Kevin in Texas says:

    Hi Joe,

    Have you stopped posting completely at Vox Nova? I occasionally pop in there to read up on the general silliness and extremist views of some on the Catholic Left, and I haven’t seen anything you’ve written there for some time. Will definitely read the column you linked to on your new blog to see how your own thoughts have changed and develop over time.

  3. Tito Edwards says:


    That is awesome! I knew you would eventually start your own blog, it was only time!

    Look forward to reading more articles here at the American Catholic website.

    Kevin in Texas,

    Joe no longer blogs over at VN, but he writes here at the American Catholic, his new blog, Non Nobis, InsideCatholic.com and Evangelical Catholicism.

    He’s available everywhere!

  4. Joe Hargrave says:

    Yeah, I stopped posting at VN a while back.

    Believe me, I have my problems with the “conservative” side of the Catholic world, but it is a beacon of light next to the liberal side.

    In the end, conservatism at its most Catholic is far closer to where I am at these days than any form of liberalism or leftism, even if I still acknowledged the justice of some, I repeat, some of the left’s causes.

  5. e. says:

    “Yeah, I stopped posting at VN a (sic) while back… In the end, conservatism at its most Catholic is far closer to where I am at these days…”

    It would seem miracles do indeed occur. Thank God for this!

    Now, if only that site which had become a hotbed of “Catholic” leftism would just simply become defunct…

  6. Kevin in Texas says:

    Here’s a column from someone who also left the secular Left of her childhood as she matured. She hits many points on why so many seek to make a secular Messiah of President Obama, especially the notion that we need God, or something like Him, to make us feel whole. Good companion piece to Joe H’s:


  7. Joe Hargrave says:

    I particularly liked this, from Kevin’s link:

    “Our culture offers youth nothing of substance to carve out a dignified life. In the place of spiritual and intellectual richness, we pump them up with noxious television shows and films, texting and sexting, addiction to Facebook, and lots of drugs. We may have created a Generation N, for Nihilism.”

    Leftism really offers no credible alternative to, or way out of, this alienated mess. That is why I forsee more and more members of my generation rejecting it. Even New Age mysticism is preferable to nihilism.

  8. Kevin in Texas says:

    And New Age mysticism, Joe, tends to encourage and deepen the narcissism we are already so prone to as fallen, sinful human beings. I’ve got a Catholic-raised friend from high school who has now moved completely into that sphere, claiming as some of her personal gurus people like Dr. Wayne Dyer and a few others that I think Oprah Winfrey has had some role in promoting through her media empire.

    The general string that runs through most New Age philosophy is “I am a god, and what I think, will be.” Just what we need to hear, eh? Doesn’t that remind you of what much of the secular Left believes? There’s a reason why that is so. 😦

  9. Joe Hargrave says:

    I hear you Kevin.

    I only meant that a belief which goes beyond materialism is usually better than one which doesn’t.

    Believe me, I am opposed to the New Age occult movement. It is dangerous in its own right. But in my view, the greater danger is and has been atheistic materialism.

  10. e. says:

    Kevin in Texas:

    “I am a god, and what I think, will be.”

    Obviously, it would appear that you are unacquainted with Thus Spake Zarathustra and that very modernist enterprise that begat nihilism and the Will to Power that would instill in man such a notion as this in all its ubermensch glory.

  11. Kevin in Texas says:

    Not at all unfamiliar, e, hence my explicit relation of beliefs underlying New Age-ism with those underlying movements of the secular Left. 😉 But I had forgotten about the specific reference of Thus Spake Zarathustra!

    I agree, Joe, and didn’t intend to criticize but simply to compare the similarities in the movements. The undercurrent of narcissism and secular Messianism is the influence of the Enemy himself, of course. Oh how he loves to tempt us to puff our chests and imagine we are like unto God, something he himself did long before God created the Earth and humanity.

  12. e. says:

    Oh, I guess, then, that Thus Spake Zarathustra is such faulty reference… clearly, it teaches nothing of the sort.

    “Behold, I teach you the overman. The overman is the meaning of the earth.”

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