Dueling ObamaCare Videos!

Hattip to Ed Morrissey at Hot Air.    Youtube videos for political arguments is one of the more fascinating developments of the internet age.  At little cost anyone can become a participant in a political debate, post a you tube video and have it seen by potentially millions of viewers.  I like it!  It interjects citizen particpation in what had been a big money game.  The pro-ObamaCare video is from “Engio”.  The video response is from “How the World Works”.

Now that Obama has thrown the public option and his liberal base under the bus, it will be interesting to see if he can get any sort of healthcare bill through Congress.  With his polls plunging into the forties, and his overall approval rating just a few points higher than those who strongly disapprove of him, I suspect that there are few Democrats in Congress willing to take any risks for him, especially  as the Republicans now lead them in generic Congressional ballot polls, and they are still shell-shocked from the raucous town halls of August.  Besides, they are learning the lesson about Obama that I set forth in an earlier post here

If he has to choose between fighting, and thereby causing his poll numbers to decline, or switching his position, rely upon it that this man will switch every time.

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