Obama Ditches Youth Indoctrination Program

Obama Youth Organization

[Updates at the bottom of this article as of 9-3-2009 AD at 4:39am]

In what is a growing sign that President Obama is showing more signs of incompetence, the White House withdrew the requirement that school children write a paper supporting President Obama and his socialistic policies.  This was going to be a requirement after viewing an indoctrination video showing President Obama pushing his plan for socialism to school children nationwide.

President Obama’s plan to inspire the nation’s schoolchildren with a video address next week erupted into controversy Wednesday, forcing the White House to pull out its eraser and rewrite a government recommendation that teachers nationwide assign students a paper on how to “help the president.”

Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod are terrible in managing issues, which is in stark contrast in their superb management of the person that is Barack Obama in running for the presidency.

To read the rest of the Washington Times article by Matthew Mosk click here.


Update I: The picture above is not an Obama Youth Rally, but of the Hezbollah Mahdi Scouts which is the feeder program to the military wing of Hezbollah.  This is the group that Iran funds and supports and President Obama wants to “reconcile” with.  Part of Hezbollah’s manifesto is to establish an Islamic caliphate in Lebanon and also to destroy Israel.  This picture is in mocking tribute to the Obama Administration for their attempts at brainwashing the American people and their children.

Update II: Mithridate Ombud of NewsBusters has an excellent analysis and commentary of President Obama wanting to circumvent parents to reach our children for indoctrination.  For the article click here.

Update III: Bruce Walker of the American Thinker has an excellent post about President Obama’s incompetence titled, The Not Ready For Prime Time President.  For the article click here.

15 Responses to Obama Ditches Youth Indoctrination Program

  1. Matt McDonald says:

    thus confirming my understanding that the public school system is really the “government school system”. If you don’t agree with everything the government stands for, why would you send your kids to them for instruction????

  2. Matt McDonald says:

    I know, it was not addressed to you personally, but to the general population.

  3. G-Veg says:

    It is, to me, more than merely the text that went along with the speech, it is the very act of speaking directly to students.

    Kids take their cue on social and political issues from their parents and an address to students that becomes something close to mandatory (since it it is during the school day) is inappropriate. Even as it stands now, the White House is demanding that students sit and pay attention to President Obama for a speech on why they should listen to and pay attention to elected leaders.

    When did we reach the point of holding elected leaders up as the bastion of truth and right in schools that forbid the use of sacred texts by students in their reports?

    And, what of the students whose parents insist on an “opt out?”

    Unless a mass movement for an alternative to attending the indoctrination exists, the few students whose parents ask for that consideration are almost assuredly going to be targeted by other students and by their union teachers as non-conformist and troublemakers. Didn’t the Supreme Court already speak to this when it held that students could not be compelled to render the Pledge of Allegiance and that school prayer could not be done in public schools precisely because forcing students to risk alienation by not participating was unconstitutional?

    What makes this different?

  4. MacGregor says:

    Can you all be this clueless about something as simple as school?

    No school or teacher is required to show this.

    No student is required by the president to do any paper or homework of any kind.

    Have any of you actually taught in a public school or did you learn your biases at home?

    I have been in both private, public and home school situations and have taught in ALL THREE and you only prove your ignorance.

    There are a thousand reasons to home school, but there is no way that public schools are indoctrinating any kids in any meaningful way. It is hard enough to get them to sit in a chair for 30 minutes.

    This kind of post should have no place in a Catholic Blog.

    Oh and by the way, the hilarious stupidity of the person who chose that photo is that kids who are indoctrinated in that way are done so with religious leader support and not public education!

    Oh and by the way, there was no Hezbollah until Israel screwed up their justified invasion of Lebanon and Reagan left when the marine barracks was bombed. Decades of ignoring Lebanon created the above photo, not Obama.

  5. Phillip says:

    Talk about ignorant. If you don’t know that public schools are foisting a great deal upon children that is contrary to their parent’s beliefs then its you who is clueless.

  6. Tito Edwards says:


    You dwell in relativism.

    All religions are not the same.

    That is why many of us have a difficult time taking you seriously about almost anything.

  7. Tito Edwards says:


    Do you practice your Catholic faith?

  8. Matt McDonald says:


    so you’re saying that unless I participated in the indoctrination of children into the secular liberal worldview, I can not recognize that it’s occurring? It is no secret what the liberals are doing, we just have to listen to them.

  9. paul zummo says:

    and have taught in ALL THREE

    Well, that just about seals the decision to home school.

  10. […] enough, thanks) and the kids taken entirely out of their parents’ control. (think this, or this, but better run) On the other hand, if done privately or locally, this could be a revolutionary […]

  11. “Have any of you actually taught in a public school or did you learn your biases at home?”

    Perhaps you should be asking… “How many of you were taught in public school and know the drill inside and out from personal experience?”

    As in… how many of us homeschoolers and/or objectors to the Liberals using our public schools as their personal indoctrination centers **know what we are talking about because we were educated in public schools ourselves**? And we’re not amused? And we’re not going to follow along like mindless Sheeple and force our kids to endure the same?

    And… we can see right through Obama’s happy-clappy smokescreen from 100 miles away.

    Ever think of THAT before you threw out the “bias” card?

    Furthermore, this topic **does** belong on a Catholic blog because the Liberal ideology goes contrary to the Law of God.

    So please, put that in your pipe and smoke it well.

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